Sunday, 30 December 2012

9 Months ~ Letter to August

Wave, Wave, Wave Auggy

This month you have waved at Daddy and me, to the dog, a lady in the street, the mirror and the never stop. It is still a slightly royal wave, which has us laughing all the time. 
You really are a joy to be around and your first Christmas was amazing. Watching you rip open presents and your big round cheeks fill out as the huge grin reaches across your light up with happiness...i treasure every time this happens....i mentally tie it up in a ribbon and store it in my heart forever.... precious moments.

 These 9 months have been such a wonderfully new and exciting time for us....I have learnt so much, and experienced so much more than I ever thought possible. Sharing my waking moments with you is an adventure, never the same, never keep me on my toes little man!

I feel the next adventure will be the crawling! I have to be honest...i'm dreading however will love it! I dread it because your growing up too quickly Auggs, its all going to fast. I look back on photos and wonder where 9 months have gone? It feels like yesterday we brought you home, with your giant feet and long legs! I think i have been in some weird time warp.

You are such Fun! you love all your toys and play with each one with intrigue and a slight frown...then a huge grin once you work out that it makes a noise or moves... stacking cups are a favorite you love to knock them down.

We wont mention the teeth...or the lack of sleep...but boy there are taking their time!

You however made your Mummy very happy by saying 'MAMA' as your first word...thank you you clever chap!

You walk across the kitchen in your walker
You wave, and wave, and wave!
You say 'Mama' and 'Papa'.
You love to make noise by hitting things together
You throw your dummy out in anger
You have gotten really loud
You seem to love to eat the high chair!
You are trying to crawl, however you quickly get frustrated.
You recognise voices
You wave goodnight to your toys and room. And over Christmas...the tree!
You went to the airport to meet your auntie Elle off the plane from Oz!

2013 is going to see more changes, adventures and a mountain of fun and laughter...we will share it with wide eyes and hearts full of wonderful memories. 

Bring it on August...I cannot wait for another amazing year with you by my side.
Love Always,

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

8 Months ~ Letter to August

Darling Auggs,

What a roller coaster of a have grown in so many ways. Your getting more and more mobile, loving playing in your walker of rolling around on the floor. You are so active that you hate to sleep, nap or do anything other than play or cry in your cot!! It has been hard work trying to settle you. Whether it is your teeth, separation anxiety, or just the change of a new house we do not know...we have tried most thing. However it might just being as simple as you don't like a cold bed! So Bee the wheatie toy has been keeping you warm at night.

We have been having some beautiful Autumn days, with low sun, and long shadows. you manage to nap in your buggy while I walk you around for is a joy to share these moments with you, even if you are snoozing! 

You are still enjoying your food a lot, feeding yourself, and getting slightly grubby in the process. You love to have a full belly, and you still have sweet potatoes, and butternut squash as favorites.

You wave...a slightly amusing 'royal' wave...sometimes you are shy and don't, however we say goodnight to everything in your room and you wave in a crazed manner! It makes me smile, and I cannot get over how quickly you pick these things up. 

You sit up without falling down
You love hair, pulling, stroking, & eating it
You can stand up holding on to the footstool
You celebrated your first Sinterklaas
You had your first presents to unwrap
You rode your Great Opa's handmade Rocking horse
You have had a huge growth spurt
You felt a frosty leaf
You have a talking Dutch clock!
You can put your whole dummy in your mouth
You have started to suck your thumb

This month has been the month of the hug...when happy, sad, sleepy, joyous they always make my day. When your little head rests on my shoulder and your arms wrap around me, stroking my hair, your breath on my heart skips a beat. You continue to amazing me. Just when I think I couldnt love you more, my heart is full tot he brim, you smile, giggle or wave and I realise my love is endless....everlasting.... it will survive forever and a day.

Keep Giggling Mr,
Love always,

Friday, 9 November 2012

My Boy the cutest ever....and his Mummy loves him so darn much!
Amidst the tears, teeth, non sleeping, he still rocks my world

Friday, 26 October 2012

7 months ~ Letter to August

Hey Pickle,

It seems this month has been the the month for teething...however we still have none! Frustrating is the word of choice. It makes me sad to see you in pain and not being able to make it disappear in a flash...I wish I could be the one in pain and have you giggling and happy. 

You love routine, and as I have found out, dislike it when we deviate from it, infact it puts you in a huge grump for the rest of the day. Likewise you have to have a lovely full belly, and just like your Daddy, get grumpy when hungry or someone else is eating and you're not. You have also developed a fascination with love them and watch our every move when drinking from one...hands out stretched and little grunts indicating you want it....I think you might have a love for tea...or maybe a Dutch love of coffee more like!

At baby sensory you dressed up as a pirate captain for pirate week...we were the only ones dressed up but everyone loved it, and it has to be one of my favorite moments with you...such fun! It confirms my wish for you 'There is no one else like you, so be Magnificent!' Your day as a pirate only proved that.

All signs of that tiny dependant baby have left, and you are now starting to strive for more and more independence want to feed yourself, you sit up unaided, pick out the toys you want to play with, you have, in your own way, started to communicate your wants and needs more than ever.

You now wave.
You have mastered sitting up
You are moving up to all the big boy classes, which makes me a tiny bit sad that we won't see all the dinky babies come in.
Shiver me timbers you were a baby pirate!
You giggle at silly faces and love being made to jump
Fruit is slowly being added to your meals
Prunes are your new favorite
You still havent mastered finger food
You love me singing 'Old MacDonalds farm' especially the ducks & the pig noises.
You have been seen rocking your winter squirrel hat
You have a little cheeky sideway grin

I think the next month is going to see you grow in so many more ways. I have my camera ready for all those fabulous moments and my heart ready to be filled with more amazing memories.
Please remember to keep smiling, giggling and being a wonderful little chap. You make my days so full to the brim with happiness and joy.

I adore you Pip the Pickle & always will,

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Delight in Him

I'm not going to lie...this month has been a toughie...moving, teething, and trying to sort out a new house has taken its toll on me. My days run into one another and by the time August is finally asleep at night i realise i have only drunk one glass of water and forgotten to eat anything...let alone kiss my husband!

However i was reading a blog the other day, and the writer has twins...She was taking about taking delight in them....its her mantra...and it got me thinking.

These moment will never happen again, we will never get them back as she says... good or bad. There is something magical in that phrase 'Delight in them' boy, Funny, Grumpy, Happy, Content, Picklish, Loving & Unique. He is my world and i do delight in that.

I have made a pact to try and wear him as much as possible, or as much as my back will i love babywearing. It brings us closer, and i can read his needs so much better. To take delight in him...being like one again...his heart next to mine.

Monday, 8 October 2012

6 Months ~ Letter to August

Happy half year Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy six month Birthday,
Happy Birthday to yoooooouuuuuu!

This month your Auntie Charlotte had a darling little girl; Isla Grace. You are exactly six month older than her...therefore it is your duty to look after her and be her friend for life. 
We went to see her when she was 2 days old, she was wrinkly, and so cute. It amazed me how light she was, and how tiny. It seems like a lifetime ago that you were that small. Your tiny mews for milk, and newborn smell. 
6 months has been wonderful...we have moved house, seen lots of friends and family and started back at baby sensory. We have had play dates, long journeys and plenty of smiles, giggles and happy chatting!

This month we bought you a walker for the new house and you love dance at the {slightly annoying} music, and watch me as I cook seem happy with the independence it gives you, which makes me swell with pride.
You sit up unaided now, and bob along to the music at our sensory even recognise other babies, people and greet them with big smiles. You love to smile, big, huge grins and then giggle like it is the funniest thing ever.

You love avocado and pasta.
You love the bath and playing with water.
The jingly bells are you favorite at baby sensory.
Your weight is back up to normal.
You love us pulling very expressive faces.
You are happiest when you are out and about meeting people and seeing the countryside.
You love to chew on your sipping cup and rub it along your gums to sooth some of your teething pain.
You love attention.
You know what 'no' means, especially if you are trying to put your feet in your mouth while you eat!!
You are very noisy when you eat.
You prefer veggies to fruit, and your not keen on meat.

Your teeth are coming through, and you seem very upset by this...we try to keep you jolly and amused. It's hard work for Mummy & Daddy. We will celebrate when they do make an appearance that's for sure!

We adore you so much August, you make us smile, laugh, and swoon at your little personality shining through. 
Bring on another glorious month little one.

Ik hou van jou 

Monday, 24 September 2012

Simple Joy

An Anniversary, A Birthday, A lunch out, Great company, A well mannered, cute, happy babe.

A magical afternoon.

Friday, 14 September 2012

Autumn is coming!

We feel the chill in the air every morning when we pop out to the shop...August has even been seen rocking his Winter hat! 
Autumn is one of my favorite seasons, spring JUST wins. However the smell of wood fires, the nights drawing in, the leaves turning...the thought of hats, scarfs and woolen coats makes my heart swell.

I have found August a gorgeous quilted jacket, and some rather tiny Ugg boots in the charity shop this week. 
In the post arrived a fantastic bear suit from Australia....Aunty Elle has a knack for finding the best things ever!! Its way too big, but that's the idea you see; because she arrives for Christmas, when it will be the perfect size!

She is looking forward to the fuzzy bear hugs already!

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

5 Months ~ Letter to August

To My Darling Auggs,

This week we have been for a short holiday to the seaside; our first holiday as a family!
We visited a sandy beach, a cobbled town, and an artists house...Your Dad and me have relaxed and you have been so well behaved. You came to dinner with us every night and had everyone in awe at your manners...we couldn't have asked you to be more wonderful.

This month we have been trying to pile on the pounds as you are taking your time to gain weight. I started off being worried, now I'm relaxed to the fact that you will be what you are, which is happy and healthy and growing strong...your'e perfectly long and lean like your Dad.

You are so love all toys and look at them with such fascination, joy and happiness. Your favorite is your dummy clip...Monkey, he is perfect mouth sized!

You love bananas, sweet potato, porridge & squash.
You are starting to sit up unaided...however you just sway to one side!
The simple toys are the one which hold the most joy.
You tug on your ears when you are tired.
You had a cool bath in the garden tub.
You grab your toes, and they are now going into your mouth!
You are chatting loudly.
You know your name.
You know when your food is coming and get very impatience.
You are drinking water from a sippy cup.
You are starting to get a bit anxious if you cannot see me or Dad.
We think one of your bottom front teeth is going to come through first.

The other day you woke for a feed at 1.30am. I walked into your room to smiles and sweet coos...your arms open asking to be picked up. As your were feeding I realised that these moments have been my favorite since you came into my life. The gentle noises outside, the slight chill of the room, a shared experience between Mother and Son.
Once you had finished you peacefully watched the light and the shadows that come through the door from the hallway... you have always loved the light dancing on a ceiling, or shadows cast from a dappled sunlight, or the bright red flowery umbrella on a dull day. Your wonder and intense stare remind me of an artist working out his approach to a painting...trying to get the best light...waiting for the inspiration to hit. 
I love the way you play with my hands like you are making a study of them....bending them, working them out in your own sweet mind, then moving yours in realisation. I'm going to miss these tranquil snippets of our lives. I know soon you will sleep through, become more independent and you wont remember our quiet conversations...but I will.... and they are so precious to me. Your sweet face, milky breath, pure wonderment, and the gentleness of being in the moment.

Thank you for them August... You are my wonder...My masterpiece.
I love you,

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Hot Hazy Days

What is a boy to do on a hot humid Sunday? Take an out door dip that's what!!

An old enamel bath comes in handy when you have a hot and grumpy 5 month old!
It reminds me of being a little girl on the farm I grew up on. On days like this I would fill an old barrel with the hose pipe and plunge into the freezing water...utter bliss!
I have to say that after August was done I had my feet in the cool water....old habits and all that!

Friday, 3 August 2012

Hey Blue Eyes

Those eyes...they will get him far!
I hope they stay blue
I can now see us both in eyes, hands, ears... Martin's everything else :)

Thursday, 26 July 2012

4 Months ~ Letters to August

{oh Mummy i love Moomin!}

Master Auggy,

What a month! You have grown so much, had your first cold and your teeth are coming...all this has made you slightly grumpy and unsettled. 
The weather has been weird...weeks of rain and cold and now we are in sweltering heat! I don't think either of us are dealing to well with this. We are a little bit bored of being stuck inside...and now it is hot and sunny, you hate to be outside as it really is too muggy.
However we started to go to baby sensory which we both love. We baby sign...and you now wave when we say 'hello' to are so smart darling boy.

You are now sleeping in your big boy bed all the time and you love the space in there. 
You still fight your sleep, and it takes a while to get you off to the land of nod.
You love to read books in your bumbo.
Captain Calamari has entered our lives.
You saw the queen bee in the bee hive.
You are starting to roll.
You are having a bottle in the evenings.
You adore the bath.
You rub your eyes and nose when you are tired {just like Mummy!}
You have ticklish elbows.

A year ago today I found out I was life changed in that moment.... I couldn't have asked for a more wonderful special little man to enter my life. 
You really do make my world so fantastic August.

I love you to the moon and back.

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Sleep, baby sleep

Sometimes it takes a while for him to nod off...August loves to fight it. However when he does my heart melts at the sweet faces he makes and the angelic look he rocks.

Sleep dont ya just love it! 

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

3 months ~ Letters to August

Darling Boy,

Three months have gone is a blink of an eye. Every time I catch a quick glance at you I am amazed about your size...your chubby chops and your loud chattering. Last night we had a bath together as it the only way you enjoy a bath. It has to be deep and hot; just how I like it...and its even better with company. You giggled and kicked your huge feet and I could see the wonder on your face. Moments like these are simply precious August.

Three months ago I was sat staring at you while sitting on a hospital bed, being interrupted by nurses every 10 minutes...people with information, advice & friendly smiles. All I wanted them to do was to leave me alone, I needed to take it all in, I think I was in shock. Shocked because for 9 months I had been waiting for this moment, and now you were here I didnt know how to react. 3 months on and I often have to pinch myself that I have a son...a beautiful happy chap who loves to smile, chat & wiggle.
I wake up with your happy smiles as I lean over to say good morning...we sing to the sun, thanking him for waking up with us...this is the best part of my day...I love that you know know my voice and my smile.

You nap in you big boy cot.
You have a new elephant light.
You always have your hands in your mouth.
You havent found your thumb yet!
Your wardrobe is better than mine
You love your butterfly toy.
You can sit up in your bumbo.
You still hate tummy time.
You went to your first wedding.
You helped Mummy in the shop
You smelt lavender for the first smiled.

We adore your big smiles and your rare giggles. Your beautiful relaxed soul is shinning through already. I cannot wait to see you grow and progress even more.

Today we got some books for you from the library...there is nothing better than a good book August...I hope you love reading, to disappear in a story... it is the best way to relax and let your mind expand....let your thoughts and dreams multiply.

Your dreams are precious, and will come true...if you believe.
Follow your bliss Little one

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Happy First Fathers Day!

This Man is the love of my life, my friend, my husband, my rock.
He is the only man I can imagine growing old with.
But most importantly right now he is a Daddy....& he rocks at it!

Enjoy Darling

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Truly English

The English country Fete...It was the Wonderful Dutchmans first ever village fete....cream teas were a must!

 I couldn't take my eyes off this tiny owl, he was so cute and his nose looked just like lichen on a tree...the most perfect camouflage. 

Papa nearly won at the skittles...August was fast asleep to witness it!

Isn't this the most quintessentially English scene ever? There were Morris dancers, a dog show, raffles and smack the childhood was relived. I also won a hot air balloon flight in the, so, so happy about that!

I cannot wait for August to enjoy these moments...running around asking for 50p for this and that game and entering his puppy into the most waggiest tail competition.

It makes me happy to know we will make this happen for him...maybe he and his puppy will win a rosette!

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Sun Ray Toy

Today while watching the Jubilee celebrations, I decided to make August his first handmade toy.
I saw this post ages ago and loved it. So I found my stash of fabrics and got to work.

It was so simple, and lots of fun. Not to mention the fact it crinkles which he loves!

I got out my trusty 1950's sewing machine Olive and in a few hours we were done.

Thank you Joel, for a wonderful little project...You Rock!

Sunday, 3 June 2012

2 Months ~ Letter to August

Auggy Bear,

Month 2 has gone so fast. We had our check up and your first injections, you were brave and only cried for a few seconds. You met your Oma & Opa for the first time along with Tante Miranda. We had our first long car journey down to the south coast sunshine, where we had a BBQ to celebrate Nana's Birthday, with your gorgeous bumped up Auntie. 

It amazes me on a daily basis that you are growing so fast, and not just physically. You stick your tongue out at me when I do, you are batting away toys, and talking so much more. Yours smiles are just divine. We spend most mornings talking to one another...big smiles and kicking legs are just perfect even at 5am!

You have grown out of your mosses basket.
You are wearing 3-6 month clothes albeit a tiny bit big.
Your hair has turned blonde.
You had a boys night in with Daddy.
You have been playing in your big boy cot.

There has been the odd sleepless night, and days of random crying. The tears make me sad; however I understand you are just trying to tell me something and I just have to learn what that is.

The more I get to know you the more I am sad that some people are missing it. Sometimes I feel them around often look into space and smile a lot...staring at nothing, however I believe you see what I only feel. We are lucky to have them visit us August. 
Others choose not to be apart our world.... their loss. Missing out on your pure beauty, happiness and joy only makes me realise how foolish one persons decision can be. 

Your happiness is not dependent on another person August...never let someone else rule your world.

"You are the captain of your own ship; don't let anyone else take the wheel."
 Michael Josephson

Until then Captain, I will guide you through the still & rocky waters, holding your hand all the way.

I love you 

Saturday, 2 June 2012

The dark circles can be seen, the day was one of the worst to date... however this image is one of my favorites.
 The happiness in the storm of tears

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Play Time

We are having plenty of smiles here lately and August is growing up so much...I cannot believe we are 9 weeks into having this little man in our lives...its a whirlwind of super highs and some lows...but I tell you those smiles make it worth every single sleepless night and hours of colicy crying!

Monday, 14 May 2012

Wake up Mummy

Morning Handsome!
My morning have never been so good

7 weeks old
9lb 2oz
Loves the mornings, his cheeks being squished, shadows on the ceiling, his pram. 
Eyes are still navy blue, he has his feet inked for the first time for Oma &Opa, his hair is turning blonde, his legs are getting chubby, he kicks and wriggles for England AND Holland! (nothing has changed on that front!)

You Rock August!

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

One Month ~ Letter to August

Darling Boy,

Well this first Month of being a mummy to you has gone in a flash. I have enjoyed every second August. You have been a joyful bundle of scrummy baby-ness. Your chubby cheeks, long fingers, and big feet make my day, and keep me in awe of you. We created you, you camped out in my belly for a whole 9 month ( minus a day!) and now you are here, brightening our lives...I am still amazed by that fact.

Right now, as you sit frog like on my chest I remember the moment I found out we were having you. It was a beautiful July day, the day before was your Dads birthday and we had been to the seaside....I knew then on that beach, that you were in my belly, I felt i wasn't alone. I next day it was confirmed. I cried with pure joy and utter fear that I was having a baby. 

However I had nothing to fear...

You are perfect in every way. The fear has washed away, replaced by happiness and instinct. 
You bring us laughter with your milky smiles, rolling eyes and little noises. You have grown out of your new baby babygrows and at the last measurement you were 65 cm long...your Dutch ancestry is very apparent!

We can only get you to settle by swaddling love touching your face....shadows on the ceiling...walking up and down the stairs with Daddy...the mobile above your cot...watching me stick my tongue out at you, i swear you try and copy me....and boy do you burp loudly!

Every one you have met has instantly fallen for your good looks, long eyelashes and button nose. However the jury is out as to who you look like....but your frown is all your Dads!

We love you little chap...make sure those sweet dream your having right now on my chest are big and happy ones 
Love, Mummy xxx

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Happy Days

My heart skips a beat when I look at this gorgeous boys & their sweet dreams

This one cracks me up...Daddy's glasses never looked so cute!
Happiness fills my boys rock my world.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Week 3

August is keeping us amused & very busy.
He is growing well...his wrists are getting chubby and his cheeks are totally quishable!

Thursday, 5 April 2012

My First August

This is Mummy looking very excited as she is off to the hospital as her waters have broken...can you see me looking all big in her belly??

The bag is packed...she didn't get to have the Hypno-birth she wanted because I am Pip the Pickle remember!!

How do I look...Shiny & New? I'm 7lb 6oz born at 3.15 on the 26th March 2012...oh and I'm an Aries!!

This is Daddy and me "bonding", really he is just looking at me with this proud, silly face like I'm the best thing EVER....I like him!

This is me after a blissful first bath, in my going home outfit....stripes are so in this year!

See how I'm rocking them in my car seat!

Swaddle?? only if my arms are free Daddy!

See that's 'the' look....He thinks I rock...even though I pee on him....!

Mummy is still taking these photos even though I'm not in her belly anymore...this is week 40 apparently!

Mummy and me posing....can you see my big hands? I'm thinking piano player, sculptor, or artist extraordinaire!! 

Great Grandma adored me...I loved her warm house.

First outing in this weird thing...I like it, it makes me sleepy and reminds me of somewhere I have been before...I cant remember for the life of me where though.

Mummy keeps flashing this thing in my face...she got my best side here and in these cute spots too!

I also met the family...Auntie Charlotte & Nana...they spoilt me rotten...I like them too.
In fact everyone has been so lovely, the house is full of cards and wonderful fluffy gifts...what more of a welcome could a boy want?
Thanks peeps
Love, dribbles and eyelash flutters,