Friday, 26 August 2011

This Wonderful Man of mine...

I honestly don't think I could have married a more kind, happy, caring, protective, loving man.
He amazes me every day with his kind thoughts for me and our little pip. 
This week (week 9) I have been feeling really sick, and he has cooked, cleaned, taken the rubbish out just generally been a whirlwind of activity....while all I have done is found it hard to laze on the sofa without feeling really sorry for myself.

This handsome man loves me so much...I feel it everyday...the way he looks at me...he doesn't even need to tell me...I  KNOW....and I am so lucky.

This little growing Bambino is the most loved baby. S/he is so lucky to have a Daddy who loves them already...a little Pip showered with love & care, and strong hands to protect them.

That truly is the best feeling a girl can have while battling the dreaded sickness.

Thank you Mr B, you are simply Wonderful.

Thursday, 18 August 2011


Now I love my bed. As a little girl I adored bedtime, being read a book, in the bottom bunk, feeling safe and secure.  I don't think that feeling has ever left me.

Now I'm in week 8 and I flit between being unable to sleep, to being unable to stay awake. This new sleep pattern is not going down well with me. I always knew sleep would be an issue when we had the baby...but already??? Boy, I'm so tired it is ridiculous.

That lovely sickness has also hit, here was me thinking I had got away with it, no such luck. I feel queasy most day but it normally the smell of something that sets me off....did you know boiling water has a smell? and that our saucepan drawer smells really bad....and our fridge.....jesus nose please calm down!!

On a positive my belly is feeling so firm, and the Wonderful one says he can feel my body changing....he fell asleep with his hand lovingly resting on my growing belly and it felt so good ;)

We have been discussing names, and have some great ones in the bag. Planning some trips away before the year is out is keeping me excited for the next stage, when I hopefully will feel amazing!!

We are hoping to get our scan date through soon, then somehow it will start to feel real, I cannot wait to see our little Bambino's face!


Friday, 12 August 2011

How are you feeling?

Some people know about our secret....a select few....

They keep asking how I am....this is a hard question, as I hate to be negative....but the truth is I feel crappy!

I wish I could sleep....stop feeling dizzy...& sick...I wish I had an appetite, and didn't need to pee so much...

...But hey, I think every pregnant lady would say the same.

On a positive, its all starting to feel real, doctors appointments, tight trousers, the rush of hormones and I feel I'm going to enjoy being pregnant.... in fact I'm going to love it. 

Making a life is an amazing process and I'm thrilled that I have been blessed to go through it....I cherish this experience so much.

I thank the stars every night xxx

Friday, 5 August 2011

Baby inspiration

Yes I understand it is very early on in our pregnancy, but as a girl who loves to plan, I have been looking for some baby inspiration to help us decide how we are going to change our home into a baby heaven, while still keeping our style.

I really don't like modern prams, this is something we agree on. This all might change when we have a baby and the practicality hits us, but for now we love the vintage Silver cross prams. Doesnt it look so roomy and comfy??

We recently found a HUGE world map....I love the idea of putting this on our wall for the Pip to dream of all the adventures which are waiting for them.

We have a limited amount of space in our tiny home, so we will need a small cot.... vintage ones seem to have  a more compact size. And often come with cute animal decals!!

Week 6 

So excited
 I have more energy
eating fresh foods 
not enjoying sweet things as much
Planning your new adventures as a 3 not just a 2

still the dreaded restless legs
Trying to think of excuses not to be drinking
or eating my favorite cheese
peeing like a champ
insomnia, and early waking ;(

Through the negatives, we are so happy, thrilled and excited about meeting our little Pip, but first....grow, grow, grow!

Monday, 1 August 2011

A Big Fat Positive!

Life is so good,
It has blessed us with our first little Pip

5.5 weeks,
2 Happy parents,
 Happy Opa & Oma waiting to welcome their 3rd grandchild
1 Mother looking forward to her first Grandchild
1 sister who can't wait to be an Auntie
1 nervous but thrilled Mum-to-be
No sickness yet
Restless legs