Monday, 31 October 2011

Letter to Pip ~ Part 2

Dear Pip,

Wow darling you are growing fast! 2 weeks ago I really didn't feel that pregnant, but boy you have made up for it in the last week. Week 18 has seen you double in size. I feel your weight in my belly all the time now, and I am still in awe of this....your'e really in there Pip, and in no time you will be in our arms.

At the moment your dad and I are working out which cot to buy you. Decisions like this are so exciting...its a big deal to us to make your room relaxed fun and a happy place to dream in. As we don't know whether you are going to be a girl or a boy we are going to paint your room is a sunny room anyway but yellow will brighten those dull days.
I can just see us now playing in your room, seeing you snuggle your bear while I read you a bedtime story, watching your eyes get heavy with sleep, imagining what amazing dreams you will have.

We have also been discussing what it is going to be like to raise a bi-lingual child. We cannot wait for the challenge it will bring us...We are off to Holland in December and we are going to buy you lots of books and lovely Dutch clothes. You will be 23 weeks old and it will be your first time there, we cant wait to show you around!! You are only going to benefit from having a second language. Oma and Opa will be proud of you and Dad, and who know maybe I will learn too!! ;)

In 9 days we have your 20 week scan...halfway there little Pip. I cannot wait to see your acrobatics again.
Stay safe, happy and wriggling tiny one.

Love Mummy

Monday, 24 October 2011

A Lucky Elephant

Today my lovely Ma bought Pip a present at the antiques market....

A lucky elephant, what a guy....from India, and totally cute!

Thank you Ma

Friday, 21 October 2011


I think Pip needs one of these in his/her room!
I can imagine Pip to be amazed by the movement of this mobile while we change nappies, get dressed or give a bedtime massage.
What happy days lie ahead for our lucky baby

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

It's all about Pip's Room

We have been chatting a lot about what Pip's room is going to look like....

It's so tough as we only have a limited amount of space...

But our ideas are big!!

Add into the mix we are not sure whether Pip is going be a boy or a girl... staying team yellow is so hard in times like these :)

We are thinking turquoise and plastic...vintage toys...lots of colours, animals, and art
Let the fun begin!

Images all via Pinterest

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Hey Long Legs

Today I had a 16 week midwife appointment with the lovely Sue...she is just fantastic!
I brought along Pip's scan photos so she could have a look....the first thing she said was "hey look at those long legs! Pip has inherited his Dads Dutch height then...lucky Pip ;)

My blood pressure was 100 over 60, nice and low. She measured my bump which was 18cm which is also good and all on course.

She listened for the heartbeat...
......I now have an understanding about our little bundle, which is...s/he wriggles, moves, kicks, back flips and generally keeps all of the medical profession on their toes. Sue was amazed by Pips abilities to dodge the Doppler...After 10 minutes of side swapping she pinned the heartbeat down...s/he sounds totally calm and relaxed.

She thought we had a little boy on our hands...her words were "his heartbeat is slow like a steam train, and he  is acting very mannish!" ....we still are going to wait for the surprise....

Yay for Team Yellow!!

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Letter to Pip ~ Part 1

Dearest Pip,
I have decided to write you regular letter while you are camping out in my belly. I really don't want to miss a thing, in this wonderful experience you are giving me.

You are now 15 weeks old, the size of a beef steak tomato...that blows my mind started so tiny and already you have grown so much. I'm so proud of my body for looking after you, nurturing your life, creating what I know is going to be a fantastic, happy baby.

This week your Dad and I decided to take the left over honeymoon money that all our lovely family gave us for our wedding and spend it on a canvas bell tent. A honeymoon every year...perfect! 
They are so beautiful Pip. I can imagine us relaxing in some English countryside with you in my arms, while Dad builds a fire. Then he will open a beer and tickles your toes, and we will then amaze over how glorious you have made our life.

This week we have been battling over sleep....I wake and cant drop back off so we come downstairs, read, internet search, write blogs and upload photos....I then start to feel sleepy and either fall asleep on a little camp bed in the living room...or go and annoy your dad with our duvet wrestling... he snores and sleeps through most things....I wonder if he will wake for your cries? I hope he does!! ;)

Tonight I thought I felt you....while watching Nigel Slater on the TV. I felt a weird delicate tapping under my belly button, slightly to the caught me off guard....I don't know if I imagined it...but I think it was you. Next time please make it a big one so there is no doubt in my head...I cannot wait to feel you wiggling!

Keep growing big, strong, happy and healthy
We love you Pip

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Tiny Bump

Last week (week 14) I had started to notice a firmness in my baby belly.
Ok, so it not a huge bump but it is a good start!
 I can certainly feel Pip now in my movement yet, but I feel it wont be long until Pip is making her/himself known to us.