Friday, 26 October 2012

7 months ~ Letter to August

Hey Pickle,

It seems this month has been the the month for teething...however we still have none! Frustrating is the word of choice. It makes me sad to see you in pain and not being able to make it disappear in a flash...I wish I could be the one in pain and have you giggling and happy. 

You love routine, and as I have found out, dislike it when we deviate from it, infact it puts you in a huge grump for the rest of the day. Likewise you have to have a lovely full belly, and just like your Daddy, get grumpy when hungry or someone else is eating and you're not. You have also developed a fascination with love them and watch our every move when drinking from one...hands out stretched and little grunts indicating you want it....I think you might have a love for tea...or maybe a Dutch love of coffee more like!

At baby sensory you dressed up as a pirate captain for pirate week...we were the only ones dressed up but everyone loved it, and it has to be one of my favorite moments with you...such fun! It confirms my wish for you 'There is no one else like you, so be Magnificent!' Your day as a pirate only proved that.

All signs of that tiny dependant baby have left, and you are now starting to strive for more and more independence want to feed yourself, you sit up unaided, pick out the toys you want to play with, you have, in your own way, started to communicate your wants and needs more than ever.

You now wave.
You have mastered sitting up
You are moving up to all the big boy classes, which makes me a tiny bit sad that we won't see all the dinky babies come in.
Shiver me timbers you were a baby pirate!
You giggle at silly faces and love being made to jump
Fruit is slowly being added to your meals
Prunes are your new favorite
You still havent mastered finger food
You love me singing 'Old MacDonalds farm' especially the ducks & the pig noises.
You have been seen rocking your winter squirrel hat
You have a little cheeky sideway grin

I think the next month is going to see you grow in so many more ways. I have my camera ready for all those fabulous moments and my heart ready to be filled with more amazing memories.
Please remember to keep smiling, giggling and being a wonderful little chap. You make my days so full to the brim with happiness and joy.

I adore you Pip the Pickle & always will,

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Delight in Him

I'm not going to lie...this month has been a toughie...moving, teething, and trying to sort out a new house has taken its toll on me. My days run into one another and by the time August is finally asleep at night i realise i have only drunk one glass of water and forgotten to eat anything...let alone kiss my husband!

However i was reading a blog the other day, and the writer has twins...She was taking about taking delight in them....its her mantra...and it got me thinking.

These moment will never happen again, we will never get them back as she says... good or bad. There is something magical in that phrase 'Delight in them' boy, Funny, Grumpy, Happy, Content, Picklish, Loving & Unique. He is my world and i do delight in that.

I have made a pact to try and wear him as much as possible, or as much as my back will i love babywearing. It brings us closer, and i can read his needs so much better. To take delight in him...being like one again...his heart next to mine.

Monday, 8 October 2012

6 Months ~ Letter to August

Happy half year Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy six month Birthday,
Happy Birthday to yoooooouuuuuu!

This month your Auntie Charlotte had a darling little girl; Isla Grace. You are exactly six month older than her...therefore it is your duty to look after her and be her friend for life. 
We went to see her when she was 2 days old, she was wrinkly, and so cute. It amazed me how light she was, and how tiny. It seems like a lifetime ago that you were that small. Your tiny mews for milk, and newborn smell. 
6 months has been wonderful...we have moved house, seen lots of friends and family and started back at baby sensory. We have had play dates, long journeys and plenty of smiles, giggles and happy chatting!

This month we bought you a walker for the new house and you love dance at the {slightly annoying} music, and watch me as I cook seem happy with the independence it gives you, which makes me swell with pride.
You sit up unaided now, and bob along to the music at our sensory even recognise other babies, people and greet them with big smiles. You love to smile, big, huge grins and then giggle like it is the funniest thing ever.

You love avocado and pasta.
You love the bath and playing with water.
The jingly bells are you favorite at baby sensory.
Your weight is back up to normal.
You love us pulling very expressive faces.
You are happiest when you are out and about meeting people and seeing the countryside.
You love to chew on your sipping cup and rub it along your gums to sooth some of your teething pain.
You love attention.
You know what 'no' means, especially if you are trying to put your feet in your mouth while you eat!!
You are very noisy when you eat.
You prefer veggies to fruit, and your not keen on meat.

Your teeth are coming through, and you seem very upset by this...we try to keep you jolly and amused. It's hard work for Mummy & Daddy. We will celebrate when they do make an appearance that's for sure!

We adore you so much August, you make us smile, laugh, and swoon at your little personality shining through. 
Bring on another glorious month little one.

Ik hou van jou