Monday, 8 October 2012

6 Months ~ Letter to August

Happy half year Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy six month Birthday,
Happy Birthday to yoooooouuuuuu!

This month your Auntie Charlotte had a darling little girl; Isla Grace. You are exactly six month older than her...therefore it is your duty to look after her and be her friend for life. 
We went to see her when she was 2 days old, she was wrinkly, and so cute. It amazed me how light she was, and how tiny. It seems like a lifetime ago that you were that small. Your tiny mews for milk, and newborn smell. 
6 months has been wonderful...we have moved house, seen lots of friends and family and started back at baby sensory. We have had play dates, long journeys and plenty of smiles, giggles and happy chatting!

This month we bought you a walker for the new house and you love dance at the {slightly annoying} music, and watch me as I cook seem happy with the independence it gives you, which makes me swell with pride.
You sit up unaided now, and bob along to the music at our sensory even recognise other babies, people and greet them with big smiles. You love to smile, big, huge grins and then giggle like it is the funniest thing ever.

You love avocado and pasta.
You love the bath and playing with water.
The jingly bells are you favorite at baby sensory.
Your weight is back up to normal.
You love us pulling very expressive faces.
You are happiest when you are out and about meeting people and seeing the countryside.
You love to chew on your sipping cup and rub it along your gums to sooth some of your teething pain.
You love attention.
You know what 'no' means, especially if you are trying to put your feet in your mouth while you eat!!
You are very noisy when you eat.
You prefer veggies to fruit, and your not keen on meat.

Your teeth are coming through, and you seem very upset by this...we try to keep you jolly and amused. It's hard work for Mummy & Daddy. We will celebrate when they do make an appearance that's for sure!

We adore you so much August, you make us smile, laugh, and swoon at your little personality shining through. 
Bring on another glorious month little one.

Ik hou van jou 

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