Wednesday, 5 December 2012

8 Months ~ Letter to August

Darling Auggs,

What a roller coaster of a have grown in so many ways. Your getting more and more mobile, loving playing in your walker of rolling around on the floor. You are so active that you hate to sleep, nap or do anything other than play or cry in your cot!! It has been hard work trying to settle you. Whether it is your teeth, separation anxiety, or just the change of a new house we do not know...we have tried most thing. However it might just being as simple as you don't like a cold bed! So Bee the wheatie toy has been keeping you warm at night.

We have been having some beautiful Autumn days, with low sun, and long shadows. you manage to nap in your buggy while I walk you around for is a joy to share these moments with you, even if you are snoozing! 

You are still enjoying your food a lot, feeding yourself, and getting slightly grubby in the process. You love to have a full belly, and you still have sweet potatoes, and butternut squash as favorites.

You wave...a slightly amusing 'royal' wave...sometimes you are shy and don't, however we say goodnight to everything in your room and you wave in a crazed manner! It makes me smile, and I cannot get over how quickly you pick these things up. 

You sit up without falling down
You love hair, pulling, stroking, & eating it
You can stand up holding on to the footstool
You celebrated your first Sinterklaas
You had your first presents to unwrap
You rode your Great Opa's handmade Rocking horse
You have had a huge growth spurt
You felt a frosty leaf
You have a talking Dutch clock!
You can put your whole dummy in your mouth
You have started to suck your thumb

This month has been the month of the hug...when happy, sad, sleepy, joyous they always make my day. When your little head rests on my shoulder and your arms wrap around me, stroking my hair, your breath on my heart skips a beat. You continue to amazing me. Just when I think I couldnt love you more, my heart is full tot he brim, you smile, giggle or wave and I realise my love is endless....everlasting.... it will survive forever and a day.

Keep Giggling Mr,
Love always,

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