Tuesday, 26 June 2012

3 months ~ Letters to August

Darling Boy,

Three months have gone is a blink of an eye. Every time I catch a quick glance at you I am amazed about your size...your chubby chops and your loud chattering. Last night we had a bath together as it the only way you enjoy a bath. It has to be deep and hot; just how I like it...and its even better with company. You giggled and kicked your huge feet and I could see the wonder on your face. Moments like these are simply precious August.

Three months ago I was sat staring at you while sitting on a hospital bed, being interrupted by nurses every 10 minutes...people with information, advice & friendly smiles. All I wanted them to do was to leave me alone, I needed to take it all in, I think I was in shock. Shocked because for 9 months I had been waiting for this moment, and now you were here I didnt know how to react. 3 months on and I often have to pinch myself that I have a son...a beautiful happy chap who loves to smile, chat & wiggle.
I wake up with your happy smiles as I lean over to say good morning...we sing to the sun, thanking him for waking up with us...this is the best part of my day...I love that you know me...you know my voice and my smile.

You nap in you big boy cot.
You have a new elephant light.
You always have your hands in your mouth.
You havent found your thumb yet!
Your wardrobe is better than mine
You love your butterfly toy.
You can sit up in your bumbo.
You still hate tummy time.
You went to your first wedding.
You helped Mummy in the shop
You smelt lavender for the first time...you smiled.

We adore your big smiles and your rare giggles. Your beautiful relaxed soul is shinning through already. I cannot wait to see you grow and progress even more.

Today we got some books for you from the library...there is nothing better than a good book August...I hope you love reading, to disappear in a story... it is the best way to relax and let your mind expand....let your thoughts and dreams multiply.

Your dreams are precious, and will come true...if you believe.
Follow your bliss Little one

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