Tuesday, 27 March 2012


7lb 6oz
A Bouncing Baby Boy
No Name Yet
The most intense experience of my life

I am utterly in love all over again

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Letter to Pip ~ Part 7

 Darling Pip,

This is us at 39 weeks...don't you look fab? I'm still happy with my gorgeous bump and I'm going to miss being pregnant feeling your kicks and general naughty antics. 

I didn't sleep so well last night as I had my second experience of Braxton Hicks, I got all excited and was willing them to stay and get bigger so we could meet you....that and it is my guess day today!! Your Dad got it sooo wrong with his I thought I had won the bet, however they went after 3 hours and I fell asleep dreaming about what you are going to look like.

Everything is ready for you...the house is getting cleaner by the second, due to my boredom! Your drawers are still neat and tidy, and your bag has been repacked my Daddy so he know what to dress you to come home in. We have done the last minute shopping, my bag is packed and the list of your possible names is getting longer!

I am trying to relax, get some sleep, and not worry about being induced, which seems more likely as each day passes. I'm sure we will cope either way. The excitement about meeting you will over take the worry anyway :)

The daffodils daddy planted for your Birthday are all out and happy, waiting for you to arrive. I can't wait to walk you through our garden...have picnic rugs on the decking under the umbrella when it is hot, and listen to the swifts chattering overhead, while I marvel at your chunky legs with rolls of baby fat, while you coo away in ruffly bloomers! 

Life is going to be so sweet little one.
Stay safe until the time is right...then arrive quick and healthy, bouncy bambino
We love you to the moon and back

Tuesday, 20 March 2012


My lovely friend Jenna was due to come around on Saturday for lunch and to cheer me up, as I was pretty grumpy!! I got a text off her saying she had met my neighbour in town and that we could go around her house for a change of scene and a gossip...so when I turned up, I found 8 of my friends and family ready to greet me!!

The table was set out with all sorts of yummy-ness, vintage china teacups, candles and cute silver birds....not to mention handmade fabric cupcakes which turned out to be burp cloths, made by my friend Priscilla.

Homemade brownies, Victoria sponge, & cupcakes....it was a delight!
We played games and laughed a lot.

We got completely spoilt with fabulous gifts. Handmade booties, and shoulder warmers, toys, photo albums, clothes and a few lovely things for me too including a bottle of bubbles for when the Pickle turns up!!

Amazing LOLA cupcakes and percy piglets!

Too cute!

I cannot thank everyone enough for the most fantastic afternoon! 
This Pip and me are so very lucky to have such wonderful people in our lives.

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Thursday, 15 March 2012

One week and four days to go!!

We are so near the finishing line! I am slightly grumpy and uncomfortable right now, but I am still so excited about giving birth to this little Pip. As a woman the whole process amazes me and it is something I have been wanting to go through for ages...so bring it on baby :)

I feel I have had a super easy pregnancy so far. No horrid symptoms, no swollen ankles, not a lot of sickness. Ok, we have been to the hospital more than most, but it normally ended up with us getting a look at Pip, so that has been our silver lining. I have been uncomfortable yes, but that is nothing compered to what some ladies I know have been through. 

The Wonderful one, told me it has been difficult for him. Our pregnancy wasn't what he expected. He, unlike me, thought it would be easier for me. He hates that he cant help me when I'm uncomfy...he said he just never thought that would be an issue...so maybe I have been moaning more than I thought!! 
He is also worried about how he will be in the delivery room...bless him! I know it will be tough to see someone you love going through such a powerful and painful experience, however I have told him to be strong, make me smile, tell me I'm doing a great job and to keep the cold face cloths coming!! 

....The pressure is building...the excitement is mounting...
Do you think Pip will hold out until after Mother's Day?
Will I get another weekly photo out of this bump?
Is my guess day right?
Time is a cruel, but thrilling thing :)

Friday, 9 March 2012

Spa Day

Yesterday we had our Spa Day (thank you Pip for holding out!)
To say it was bliss is an understatement....it was glorious! We had lovely long swims which were wonderful. We floated around looking like a whale, but feeling weightless. Getting out of the pool was another matter altogether...ok so I am THAT heavy!

Anyhow, my lovely friend Jenna came with us...we got scrummy massages and facials, along with head massages and I got a leg massage which was out of this world, who would have thought my legs were SO tense!! We then had a gorgeous bento box lunch which was perfectly delicious. We read trashy magazines, gossiped about people we have never met and generally chilled the hell out.

 I also had a tingling pedicure, which set off my restless legs!! However it was still fab, and she painted my toes the most dramatic red...and I got to take the colour home, which was just perfect. 

I cant thank my wonderful Family enough for treating me to this joyous day.
I love you all so much
So Pip, I am ready...get a wriggle on!

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Letter to Pip ~ Part 6

Dear The Mighty Pip the Pickle,

Well my darling we are nearly there...today you are 37 weeks old and I couldn't be more proud of you and my body. We have been through a lot. We have had adventures, laughter, stresses, fun, tears and moments of breath holding and prayers.

You seem to be kicking well this week. In fact I feel you are running out of room and those long legs are getting a bit cramped now. We managed to freak Auntie Louise out as she watched you kick and jiggle about, she just couldn't believe how strong you are...I think we might have put her off having a baby. I however told her how wonderful the feeling was. After last weeks antics you can kick as much as you like darling baby.

So all you have to do now Pip is arrive soon, before the 28th March would be wonderful. I want to give birth to you naturally, so you have 2 and a half weeks to pack your bags and come into this wonderful world.
We are all waiting & wondering what you will be....boy or girl? We have all had a guess in the 'Pip Tote'. Mine is a Boy born on the 21st March, however I am only about 50.5% about the boy thing...I think it could go either way!! 
Daddy thinks Girl born on the 9th March....so you better get a wriggle on if he is to be right!!

We are off to have a spa day on Thursday with Auntie Jenna...a lovely gift from our wonderful family...I honestly cannot wait. We are going to have a massage, facial and pedicure....we are going to float in the pool for ages, in our blue polka dot tankini, in which we look rather like a whale in!! 
So if you can resist coming out until we have been pampered I would really appreciate it!

Come safely and quickly gorgeous babe...we are ready & waiting for you to complete our little world Pip.
Head down little one
We love you 

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Sunday's Worry & Wednesday's Joy

Pip the Pickle struck again on Saturday...After having months of huge kicks, turns and going on in my blooming belly...on Saturday it stopped...a few lazy jolts, but nothing much.
Panic started to set in, as one of the things the consultant told me to watch out for was reduced movements.
After getting home from work I sat on the sofa and prayed my belly would wriggle like before...but no, the lazy kicks were few and far between. We then went out for dinner and got a few big ones...I went to bed slightly stressed out.

We woke in the morning, with plans to go to my aunts 60th Birthday party...we phoned the hospital and they told us to come in then and there...posh frock now back on the hanger, notes gathered... Ugg boots on....bags in the car boot just in case...an ever positive Dutchman by my side...we got to a lovely quiet hospital at 12pm.
by 1.30 I was hooked up to the monitor....then; right on queue..... Pip Kicked...this baby I tell you!!

We danced away to her/his heartbeat, like some drum & bass music, mixed in with all the other worried Mums, babes heartbeat!! The stress washed away, as I watched her/his heartbeat and kicks register on the monitor. The lovely midwifes made us tea, reassured us, and booked us in the next day to double check.

We didn't go back the next day, as Pip was kicking away nicely...not the same as before, but no way as lazy as Saturday/Sunday.

We went back to the hospital yesterday, for a growth scan and an consultants visit.
Pip is growing nicely. 1 to 2 weeks ahead...the computer said s/he weighs 6lbs 15oz...I can only hope it was wrong! however s/he feels heavier each morning :/

We also do not need to go back, as my blood sugars are great. We also have an induction date (!!)...so I will not be allowed to go overdue, which is exciting!!

So from worry & stress to joy & excitement in a few short days.
I think Pip is just letting us know that life is to be on big rollercoster now they are here...I am enjoying the ride already....a little less heart stopping moments would be lovely those darling baby!!

Keep kicking bambino
We love you