Wednesday, 29 August 2012

5 Months ~ Letter to August

To My Darling Auggs,

This week we have been for a short holiday to the seaside; our first holiday as a family!
We visited a sandy beach, a cobbled town, and an artists house...Your Dad and me have relaxed and you have been so well behaved. You came to dinner with us every night and had everyone in awe at your manners...we couldn't have asked you to be more wonderful.

This month we have been trying to pile on the pounds as you are taking your time to gain weight. I started off being worried, now I'm relaxed to the fact that you will be what you are, which is happy and healthy and growing strong...your'e perfectly long and lean like your Dad.

You are so love all toys and look at them with such fascination, joy and happiness. Your favorite is your dummy clip...Monkey, he is perfect mouth sized!

You love bananas, sweet potato, porridge & squash.
You are starting to sit up unaided...however you just sway to one side!
The simple toys are the one which hold the most joy.
You tug on your ears when you are tired.
You had a cool bath in the garden tub.
You grab your toes, and they are now going into your mouth!
You are chatting loudly.
You know your name.
You know when your food is coming and get very impatience.
You are drinking water from a sippy cup.
You are starting to get a bit anxious if you cannot see me or Dad.
We think one of your bottom front teeth is going to come through first.

The other day you woke for a feed at 1.30am. I walked into your room to smiles and sweet coos...your arms open asking to be picked up. As your were feeding I realised that these moments have been my favorite since you came into my life. The gentle noises outside, the slight chill of the room, a shared experience between Mother and Son.
Once you had finished you peacefully watched the light and the shadows that come through the door from the hallway... you have always loved the light dancing on a ceiling, or shadows cast from a dappled sunlight, or the bright red flowery umbrella on a dull day. Your wonder and intense stare remind me of an artist working out his approach to a painting...trying to get the best light...waiting for the inspiration to hit. 
I love the way you play with my hands like you are making a study of them....bending them, working them out in your own sweet mind, then moving yours in realisation. I'm going to miss these tranquil snippets of our lives. I know soon you will sleep through, become more independent and you wont remember our quiet conversations...but I will.... and they are so precious to me. Your sweet face, milky breath, pure wonderment, and the gentleness of being in the moment.

Thank you for them August... You are my wonder...My masterpiece.
I love you,

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Kay said...

what a fantastic photograph!!!,,and the words of course.perfect!!