Thursday, 27 June 2013

15 Months ~ Letter to August


Hey my clever walker!

Yep Mama was right...this month you WALKED!! You took your first few steps on the 12th June 2013...I was so proud and so was Papa. It took me awhile to get a photo though. You would walk a few steps and bump down onto your bum so quickly I couldn't catch you mid step!

This new found skill is making you a very happy chap, you look pleased as punch with your new freedom. Mama however is slightly weepy at the fact that her baby is now all independent. 

Life has been passing by at a gentle pace...mornings in pyjamas, and lazy hazy hot days of naked baby time, long lunches & BBQ's is the garden. I have enjoyed this month with you so much. I am remembering the baby and looking at the toddler it is weird for Mama...but wonderful to see you grow so beautifully.

You are happy, fun and charming little Pip...all this hard work is paying off.

You have really developed a love for books this month, and I often find you looking through one.
You walked!!
You share all your food with us.
You love to chew on the flooring foam letters.
You have 4 new teeth all coming through at once ;(
You have inherited your Papa's love for Lego.
Opa, Oma and Tante Miranda came to visit you.
You love an audience and anyone with a camera.
You get shy and upset when new faces are around.
Banana's still rock your world.
You went in a big van on a work trip in the gorgeous June heat and met your cousin for Lunch
You HAVE to smell flowers if you seen them.
You will not lie down to have your nappy changed.
You know the phrase 'shall we go and brush your teeth' in both English and Dutch. you also put your hand up to your month in a mock brushing action!
You are quick at learning new things.
You love to empty your bookcase.
You are still clingy if tired, in pain or in new situations.

Life is gloriously full at the moment. You make us so proud and thankful. You make me think quick and enjoy the small things. Living simply is a big thing for us right now. We don't want to miss a thing.

Keep amazing us Darling boy.
You Rock our world.
Love you,

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

14 Months ~ Letter to August

Darling Boy,

So much has changed this month. You have developed  a LOT. I feel like the days have flown by and you have achieved and learnt so much. 
The summer is starting, and like a plant you have spent a long time physically growing towards the sun, taking nutrients, storing energy, however now you are starting to unfurl into this beautiful flower. You whizz around cruising and crawling...your so quick! The chatter has turned into words, and you seem to pick up new words almost daily. When you were only a few days old, I had a lovely South African midwife come and give you a hearing test. She told me as we were raising you bi-lingual you might take much longer to talk...I think you are bucking the trend.

This month we have seen lots of family. Your Cousin Isla seems to like you alot...the feeling is mutual, you like to hold each others hands and smile at each other...a lifelong bond is forming. As I have told you before it is your job to protect her and screen every boy who comes within 10 feet of her!!

Your toys have taken on a new role, and you have started problem solving...working out that the stacking cup all sit in one another...and the tower of rings all are different sizes and only go on one way. I love to see the look on your face as you work it out for the first do it, look around for me, I tell you how clever you are and this huge smiles come across your face...pride. You amaze me with it everyday.

We recently found this little piano at the charity shop...I have high hopes that you will learn an instrument, something I wish I hadn't flaked out on...I would have been a female version of Nigel Kennedy by now if I had not :). You love to listen to us play it, and when you play it, you are always giggling at the sound it makes.

I now have gone back to work, it is nice for us. We have some time apart and I'm sure we are both benefitting from it. I however adore coming home to your smiles and nose bumps, and even homemade Mama cake!!

You love to play in the baking cupboard, picking up all the colouring bottles, hundreds and thousands, and flour.
You can say Mama, Dada, Nana, No,Tractor, Banana, Flower, More, Nijntje, and when we say Baxie to you, you wave!
You eat mainly with your hands now...the spoon is banished.
Peas...they rock your world....with huge 'ohhhhhh' when you see them on your plate.
You can stand without help...for all of 3 second :)
You adore your bedtime stories with Papa.
You sit in the bath without a seat.
You smell flowers in the shop with Nana everytime we go in, which is daily.
You are loving the time we spend in the garden.
You had your first might need a few more as you were not amused!
We all went camping in the got naked A LOT!
You and Papa have a boys day every week.
You dont have to have anymore jabs until you are 3 years old...YAY!

The next stop is walking Master B...I think this time next month I will be writing about it. I cannot wait to see you run around the Garden, a great big grin on your face, squealing with joy.
 More memories, more fun...It will be magical for us all.

Be bold my beautiful boy.
Love Always,