Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Week 22

I took these photos last week. Pip is certainly visible now. 
Week 22 has been a week of hard work in our little flower shop, buying for Christmas orders and working out window displays. My Grandparents have moved into their gorgeous new apartment, the old house with its 4 bedrooms and years of clutter has been cleaned and sorted.
If I could of had a large Gin & Tonic I would of had 3!!

Tomorrow we are off to Holland for Sinterklaas...Pips first time...I hope S/he will love to be surrounded with the dutch chatter....We are very excited!
I am wondering if it will be different in a plane when you have a Pip in your belly? 
Will we have another surprise from Zwarte Piet?
Will it snow?
Will we be able to sit in a cafe in Amsterdam and watch the world go by?

I will be back with photos next week 

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Letter to Pip ~ Part 3

Dear Pip the Pickle,

This photo is of your Daddy testing out your new baby is fantastic. We know you are going to be snug as a bug in a rug. We will walk with pride around town with you, bring you into the shop and maybe even make you work among the flowers for the day!!

Yesterday we went for another scan, as you were a pickle at the last one....She checked your heart. We watched it beating, saw all the chambers and the blood vessels...a weird thought that we have seen inside your beautiful heart. We saw you curled up in a ball looking fast asleep, your big round belly emerging through the screen...You are just the cutest!

You kicked me last night and daddy felt it again...those kicks are getting so strong is the best feeling in the world right now...I love these shared moments we are all having as a family. 

We have found a cot for you, it is white with butterflies carved into the headboard...perfect for all stages of your growth. All I have to do is sort out your room...I have given myself until the end of January to do this. It's going to be fun creating a beautiful space for you...I wonder what you are going to like the most. Dolls, trucks, teddy bears, Lego, building blocks, books, your lucky elephant. 

Pip you bring us so much joy, making us smile daily, bringing us closer as a couple, looking forward to our future as parents. 
We talk all the time about what you are going to be like...will you have your Dads ears? My eyes?...will you been born with hair? Will you be tall like your Dad? What will make you smile and laugh?

We promise to protect, love and cherish you. To let you have your own freedom, grow in your own way, and share those moments with you. A little team...strong and happy.

What an amazing adventure for all of us!

Thursday, 17 November 2011


While laying in bed the other night, the wonderful one and I were reading. Martin has finally started Harry Potter, and I am reading all about Hypno-birthing, which is utterly fascinating....
then....Pip kicked me and I mean REALLY kicked....I grabbed Martin's hand and 3 more kicks came our way...and he felt everyone! 
The smile on his face was priceless.
Thank you Darling Pip.
We love you

Friday, 11 November 2011


This is a photo of your Great Grandpa and Me. At a guess I would say it was around 1985.
He was a big man, who smoked Benson & Hedges Cigarettes, had a dry sense of humor, and false teeth.
He was a very imposing man...Me and Auntie Charlotte used to run around the house and he always said 
"I'm watching you two".... we used to be very careful! 

Only really when he died and I grew up a bit did I start to understand what an amazing man he was.
He flew in WWII, he rarely talked about it. He was Brave, strong and funny. Even though his name was Douglas, everyone called him 'Big Dave'.
His Flight hat, and some of his photos are in Tangmere Aviation Museum. 
I am proud of him.
When you are older Me & Auntie Elle will amuse you with his stories.

I hated what he saw in the hope is that you never see the horror of War... He would have wanted that too.

Douglas Cameron Davies
27th April 1918 
28th July 1990

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Pip The Pickle

Do you like Pip's new name?
Today we had our 20 week scan....we gave Pip a strong talking to beforehand, as last time s/he was wriggling around too much and the sonographer gave up with her about it here

This time Pip was snoozing on his/her belly happily nibbling his/her fingers. The sonographer measured Pip's leg bones which are growing nicely...still nice and long!! She also checked Pip's brain {amazing what these scans can show it is like a MRI scan straight through the head to see the different parts of Pips brain!!}, kidneys & intestine, spine, teeth, and lastly the is where the problem beings!! Pip was in the wrong position...we could see it beating away...but she needed to check it thoroughly....we got sent for a 30 minute walk and then back we went onto the couch!

 Boo!!! did I make you jump??
 S/he did as they turned out of the darkness....a little hand up by their mouth!!
Pip was then wriggling too much after our walk and she still couldn't be sure if everything was perfect...
So back we go in 2 weeks....I'm not very amused...those blooming sonographer probes are so painful when going over the same spot 30 times getting more forceful {read desperate} each time!!

{Maybe this is a better view of scary Pip!!}

So Pip the Pickle is staying true to form, being stubborn...but when your'e this little and cute a Mummy will forgive you anything....but hey let her see your heart next time please Pip...thank you!! 

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Week 19

 This week has been a week of firsts. Firstly I have 'popped' the bump has arrived...Yay!!
I have started to take some photos to show the progress the growing belly!

The second first is that Pip kicked me!! ;)
I was in a lovely bath singing along to this song and s/he kicked me 3 times.
It was amazing!

The third new thing was; we saw our first firework display...pip jiggled the whole way through.
Apart from a stinking cold, it has been a fantastic week for our Pip.
Happy Days