Monday, 30 January 2012

Letter to Pip ~ Part 5

Our Dear Darling Pip,

This is us at 31 weeks....the PJ's are being rocked a lot lately which is just great as we are both super comfy in them.
These last few weeks have been sleepless. A mixture of you and me tossing and turning in bed, and the dreaded restless legs. Nothing seems to calm them down, so we are ever grateful for a good book!
When we do sleep I wake up to you striking weird positions in my belly. Papa and me try to work out which part of your tiny body we are feeling but it is tough. However your poses make us smile and marvel at your skilled acrobatic moves!!

To attempt to calm the dreaded legs we have been soaking in the tub A LOT, a personal favorite of mine...blissful hot water and bubbles makes my day. Your wriggles make the water ripple like a fish in a still amaze me everyday... I cant wait to meet your sweetness...tickle your toes...and watch you be in wonder of the world.

This weekend we have managed to get on top of your is looking so fantastic. I have a slight love of pale blue at the moment, I don't know whether this is you trying to tell me that you are a boy...but we are working it in with pale greens, grey and lemon yellows...a giant world map is going up soon, so you can plan your big adventures from your cot.

We have placed our last orders for all the essentials...they all arrive this week, so your room will be done and all pretty in time for your Auntie Nats and Uncle Luke to visit....and before Valentines day, which will leave us free to make lots of people very happy with flowers! It will be a very busy few weeks until you are born... however I promise to keep you safe and happy until the doctors; or you decide to make an appearance.

8 weeks little one...8 weeks until you become a part of this beautiful, inspiring and amazing world of ours
It holds it arms open in a huge welcome to you Pip
You are Lucky
We love you
Papa & Mummy

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Drawers of plenty

Last week I made a start on sorting out Pips room...It is still a mess and looks as if a bomb has gone off...However one afternoon, I wanted to be proactive so I collected all Pip's clothes and sorted them out.

The Bob barked at the hoover as I cleaned the drawers, then settled back down once 'The enemy' has gone away. I lined the drawers with some aged Laura Ashley wallpaper I got in a sale forever ago.

I then was amazed at how much stuff this little Pip has got! I think s/he will be set for the first 3 months of his/her life!! I love the rainbow of colours we have...not a hint of pink which makes me very happy!

Lots of Dutch I adore Continental baby outfits...they all seem to be unisex, bright and such fun.

Muslin's, cotton wool, teething rattles, strawberry hats, hand-knitted cardies and foxy jumpers.... could it get any better?

This little job made me smile...getting small things done is just fantastic and makes me feel like I am getting prepared...who cares that the bomb has gone off in the background :)

oh Pip you are going to look fantastic, and be super comfy in all your colourful outfits.

Friday, 20 January 2012

Berry Head

The other day our lovely friend sent this in the mail.
Isn't it adorable?
I have had strawberry hat envy for a while. There is a Mama who walks past the shop most mornings with her baby in the sling with a berry hat...I have adored the hat from afar, and after seeing my friend has made a Christmas pudding hat, I asked if she could make a strawberry...and voila!

Thank you so much Jenna, it is beautiful. I simply cant wait to get the Pip in it ;)

Thursday, 19 January 2012

The Thirties

Week 30 and this Pip is still wriggling well...kicks in the ribs and stomping on my bladder are starting to take there toll!!

We had yet another appointment at the hospital to check up on how the blood sugar testing is going. I'm pleased to say that I seem to have got a handle on it. We just have to hope my body doesn't start playing games or this little Pip will be born at 38 weeks and I will be on medication....2 things we would like to avoid please!

A Pip arriving on Mothers Day is lovely, however when your a florist it is not the best timing...our busiest day of the year...I can hear my Ma screaming in terror!!

As long as this little one is safe and healthy I will be happy...Mother's Day or no Mother's Day!

Things are starting to get very real...I have a few Wishes...I wish that I don't get induced...I wish to have this Pip naturally... I wish to be calm and relaxed while in labor...I wish that Pip comes into this world happy and safely...and I wish that this diabetes goes away after Pip has entered our life.

And the greatest thing? 
Wishes come true!!
Happy Days 

Sunday, 15 January 2012

A Very Vintage Nellie

I honestly could not resist him...

...Look at his cute butt!

...and that knowing expression...

...Like most vintage creatures he is missing his teeth...

...however his skin is still super soft...some might say huggable...

This is going to have to stop...I think I have an addiction!

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

This week 29 has been a rollercoaster of emotions already.

~We are at week 29, 11 weeks until I hold our little Pip in my arms!!
~Still feeling pretty and enjoying dressing this very expanding bump of mine.
~Showing my consultant that just because I am a size 16 does mean I have piled on the pound like he assumed I would...I am the same weight as at my booking appointment....I am proud of that fact!
~We finally bought a car seat in the we just have to work out how we get it in the car.
~The Wonderful one hearing Pips heartbeat for the first time.

~ A rather horrid morning at the hospital, drinking the most disgusting drink ever.
~Grumpy nurses.
~Restless legs, which result in 2 hours of sleep a night.
~Finding out I have gestational diabetes :(

~No sleep.
~Pincushions for arms.
~A pointless hospital appointment.
~ The bags & dark circles under my eyes.

It has been a tough one so far, but I am keeping Positive, 11 weeks of a diet change all for the good of Pip...then the reward of looking into his/her eyes, and my world being rocked!

Not long now!!

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Letter to Pip ~ Part 4

 Hey bouncy baby Pip,

Well haven't we have been busy bees this month? From decorating lovely homes for Christmas, serving hundred of customers in our shop, walking Bob in rain & wind, Christmas shopping, and now finally I have started on our own little room.
I am so excited about a little daunted as Ma hasn't kept it very tidy, so everything needs sorting out before I can fit any of your beautiful things in it.
However I think a couple of weeks and I will be posting photos of your new home...oh it going to be wonderful Pip!

You have been so active this last month. I sometimes jump with the force of your kicks...under the ribs are fast becoming a favorite of yours...& boy baby these hurt!! I think you are a little shy, as your Auntie Lottie really wanted to feel you over the Christmas break, and you didn't kick for a good 2 also do this to your Papa, I swear he thinks I make up the force of your kicks, as you go quiet when he rests in hands on my bump! However strong, I love these daily going on in my belly...I can feel your hiccups, and the way you are lying...I marvel at this, as I will never have this again with you, and it is so special.

We saw the midwife yesterday, and Papa got to hear your heartbeat for the first time...he looked amazed.
Sue our Midwife was pleased with your progress...totally normal and the perfect size for 28 weeks.
I however feel huge...that space by my ribs are beginning to be filled, which is stopping me bending very far...Papa might have to paint my toe nails soon!

Words cannot describe just how excited I am to meet you in 12 weeks...I have moments of being scared, then I remember that all the pain in the world will be worth having your eyes look into mine...seeking that acknowledgement that knowing that I am your Ma...

We are planning to giggle you out...happy smiles...and belly laughs all the way Little Pip
We cant wait to hold you close and be amazed by you.
All my love Always,

Sunday, 1 January 2012