Tuesday, 26 June 2012

3 months ~ Letters to August

Darling Boy,

Three months have gone is a blink of an eye. Every time I catch a quick glance at you I am amazed about your size...your chubby chops and your loud chattering. Last night we had a bath together as it the only way you enjoy a bath. It has to be deep and hot; just how I like it...and its even better with company. You giggled and kicked your huge feet and I could see the wonder on your face. Moments like these are simply precious August.

Three months ago I was sat staring at you while sitting on a hospital bed, being interrupted by nurses every 10 minutes...people with information, advice & friendly smiles. All I wanted them to do was to leave me alone, I needed to take it all in, I think I was in shock. Shocked because for 9 months I had been waiting for this moment, and now you were here I didnt know how to react. 3 months on and I often have to pinch myself that I have a son...a beautiful happy chap who loves to smile, chat & wiggle.
I wake up with your happy smiles as I lean over to say good morning...we sing to the sun, thanking him for waking up with us...this is the best part of my day...I love that you know me...you know my voice and my smile.

You nap in you big boy cot.
You have a new elephant light.
You always have your hands in your mouth.
You havent found your thumb yet!
Your wardrobe is better than mine
You love your butterfly toy.
You can sit up in your bumbo.
You still hate tummy time.
You went to your first wedding.
You helped Mummy in the shop
You smelt lavender for the first time...you smiled.

We adore your big smiles and your rare giggles. Your beautiful relaxed soul is shinning through already. I cannot wait to see you grow and progress even more.

Today we got some books for you from the library...there is nothing better than a good book August...I hope you love reading, to disappear in a story... it is the best way to relax and let your mind expand....let your thoughts and dreams multiply.

Your dreams are precious, and will come true...if you believe.
Follow your bliss Little one

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Happy First Fathers Day!

This Man is the love of my life, my friend, my husband, my rock.
He is the only man I can imagine growing old with.
But most importantly right now he is a Daddy....& he rocks at it!

Enjoy Darling

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Truly English

The English country Fete...It was the Wonderful Dutchmans first ever village fete....cream teas were a must!

 I couldn't take my eyes off this tiny owl, he was so cute and his nose looked just like lichen on a tree...the most perfect camouflage. 

Papa nearly won at the skittles...August was fast asleep to witness it!

Isn't this the most quintessentially English scene ever? There were Morris dancers, a dog show, raffles and smack the rat...my childhood was relived. I also won a hot air balloon flight in the raffle...so, so, so happy about that!

I cannot wait for August to enjoy these moments...running around asking for 50p for this and that game and entering his puppy into the most waggiest tail competition.

It makes me happy to know we will make this happen for him...maybe he and his puppy will win a rosette!

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Sun Ray Toy

Today while watching the Jubilee celebrations, I decided to make August his first handmade toy.
I saw this post ages ago and loved it. So I found my stash of fabrics and got to work.

It was so simple, and lots of fun. Not to mention the fact it crinkles which he loves!

I got out my trusty 1950's sewing machine Olive and in a few hours we were done.

Thank you Joel, for a wonderful little project...You Rock!

Sunday, 3 June 2012

2 Months ~ Letter to August

Auggy Bear,

Month 2 has gone so fast. We had our check up and your first injections, you were brave and only cried for a few seconds. You met your Oma & Opa for the first time along with Tante Miranda. We had our first long car journey down to the south coast sunshine, where we had a BBQ to celebrate Nana's Birthday, with your gorgeous bumped up Auntie. 

It amazes me on a daily basis that you are growing so fast, and not just physically. You stick your tongue out at me when I do, you are batting away toys, and talking so much more. Yours smiles are just divine. We spend most mornings talking to one another...big smiles and kicking legs are just perfect even at 5am!

You have grown out of your mosses basket.
You are wearing 3-6 month clothes albeit a tiny bit big.
Your hair has turned blonde.
You had a boys night in with Daddy.
You have been playing in your big boy cot.

There has been the odd sleepless night, and days of random crying. The tears make me sad; however I understand you are just trying to tell me something and I just have to learn what that is.

The more I get to know you the more I am sad that some people are missing it. Sometimes I feel them around us...you often look into space and smile a lot...staring at nothing, however I believe you see what I only feel. We are lucky to have them visit us August. 
Others choose not to be apart our world.... their loss. Missing out on your pure beauty, happiness and joy only makes me realise how foolish one persons decision can be. 

Your happiness is not dependent on another person August...never let someone else rule your world.

"You are the captain of your own ship; don't let anyone else take the wheel."
 Michael Josephson

Until then Captain, I will guide you through the still & rocky waters, holding your hand all the way.

I love you 

Saturday, 2 June 2012

The dark circles can be seen, the day was one of the worst to date... however this image is one of my favorites.
 The happiness in the storm of tears