Friday, 1 February 2013

10 Months ~ Letter to August

 Mr Moo,

Wow how you have grown little man! Developmentally you are so smart, I love to see the amazement in your face when you discover something new. We build towers out of your blocks and you don't like to knock them down but place more things on top. Like your dummy or another block, it is so sweet to watch.

You love to share and offer everything to us....if your playing, you offer us a stacking cup, dummy, or toy. You have even started to offer us your spoon after you have taken a mouthful. I adore to see this kindness in you, I pray it continues throughout your life, because it is a wonderful quality to have August.

We have seen you sleep a lot better this month...I bought you an amber anklet to see whether it sooth's your horrid teething pain...I really think it has worked to take the edge off. You seem so much better, and that make Mama & Papa so happy.

This month we have been spending a lot of time with other babies, it has been fun, you are so calm and gentle, even when others are crying and fussing. However the only time this doesn't work is if your are ruled by your tummy; just like your Papa!! Your meals just keep getting bigger and bigger as does your appetite!  Food is your world, which is great. I am very grateful you are not fussy about what you eat and you hardly ever refuse anything...thank you for that darling boy, it makes Mummy's life so much easier.

Avocado is still your favorite and you have just started to eat some finger food and wheat puffs are devoured with much pleasure and orange hands.  

Mama has made your 1st Birthday Party invites, which I'm trying not to think about because you cannot possibly be one soon!

You love wheat puffs
You can stand up with the help of the chair
You can turn around on your bum
You now sit sideways in your high chair!
You still wave like crazy
You bounce to the beat of the music
You Dutch clock ALWAYS gets you smiling and laughing
You hate strong wind
You hate the car seat
You saw your first ever snow, and loved touching it
Your handknitted GG blankets are a huge comfort for you
You love to dance with Mama in the sling
You play peek-a-boo, lifting your blanket to cover your eyes then dropping it to reveal a huge grin!
You had your first fall...and bruise!

I have spent 19 months loving & nurturing you. Imagining your future, worrying, laughing and enjoying your every wriggle, hiccup, smile & giggle. Seeing your achievements, the light in your eyes, every pound gained, every mouthful , every ounce of milk & every outfit outgrown. Words cannot say how mind blowingly beautiful this time has been. 

Can we do it all again August? With maybe more sleep?

I adore you with every tiny atom in my body and soul.

P.S I want to see teeth next month please!