Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Happy Days

My heart skips a beat when I look at this gorgeous boys & their sweet dreams

This one cracks me up...Daddy's glasses never looked so cute!
Happiness fills my boys rock my world.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Week 3

August is keeping us amused & very busy.
He is growing well...his wrists are getting chubby and his cheeks are totally quishable!

Thursday, 5 April 2012

My First August

This is Mummy looking very excited as she is off to the hospital as her waters have broken...can you see me looking all big in her belly??

The bag is packed...she didn't get to have the Hypno-birth she wanted because I am Pip the Pickle remember!!

How do I look...Shiny & New? I'm 7lb 6oz born at 3.15 on the 26th March 2012...oh and I'm an Aries!!

This is Daddy and me "bonding", really he is just looking at me with this proud, silly face like I'm the best thing EVER....I like him!

This is me after a blissful first bath, in my going home outfit....stripes are so in this year!

See how I'm rocking them in my car seat!

Swaddle?? only if my arms are free Daddy!

See that's 'the' look....He thinks I rock...even though I pee on him....!

Mummy is still taking these photos even though I'm not in her belly anymore...this is week 40 apparently!

Mummy and me posing....can you see my big hands? I'm thinking piano player, sculptor, or artist extraordinaire!! 

Great Grandma adored me...I loved her warm house.

First outing in this weird thing...I like it, it makes me sleepy and reminds me of somewhere I have been before...I cant remember for the life of me where though.

Mummy keeps flashing this thing in my face...she got my best side here and in these cute spots too!

I also met the family...Auntie Charlotte & Nana...they spoilt me rotten...I like them too.
In fact everyone has been so lovely, the house is full of cards and wonderful fluffy gifts...what more of a welcome could a boy want?
Thanks peeps
Love, dribbles and eyelash flutters,