Tuesday, 3 September 2013

16 & 17 Month ~ Letter to August

My darling little Auggy,

Wow these last 2 months have gone in a whirlwind of firsts, walking, more teeth, and general doses of life!
I am so sorry that I didnt write you a letter last month. Your 16th month was one of my favourite, you perfected walking and I couldnt have been more proud of you. We spent many a day in the paddling pool, cooling off in the fierce July heat. It was a month of growth and taking life slowly, enjoying the summer and learning lots of new exciting things and spending lots of time with our wonderful family.

You have discovered the joy of laughter and are always doing funny things to make us smile. You have days full of chuckles and those are just wonderful. You love to hide and jump out at us...you do this over and over again. I adore to see your reaction to our surprise and shock. The pure joy you share with us is something that always amazes me. I never thought being a Mama would be this wonderful.

You still copy our actions, whether it be a sticky out tongue, a kiss, or a nose beep. I can literally see you learning by the second. We recently went to pick some beans in the garden, and I was passing them to you, you were putting them into the basket...you are so smart darling. You can complete most of your toy puzzles, and you know all the farmyard animals and their sounds.


Unfortunately you have also started throwing tantrums...they dont last long and are only when you are frustrated about something or over tired. You love to throw yourself on the floor, face screwed up with fake tears, and waving arms. I'm hoping these dont last for long! 

Your love of books is fabulous. i have been worried that you wouldnt like to read as you have never really given them much attention until the last 3 months. You will bring me a book to read you at least 8 times a day. You love anything with animals or a tractor. You point things out and i will reread it over and over until you get bored.

When we went to the zoo, Papa reworked your favorite Miffy book using your name instead. We saw so many amazing animals, however the one that got the biggest reaction was the gregory's giraffes! You adored them and got right up close to them. You waved and waved and chatted away to them.

You love 'Goodnight Tractor' and ask for it to be read to you most days.
You will now only stand in the bath.
You have a fork, and a new straw sippy cup!
You have had a big growth spurt, and your long legs have got really chubby.
You have another bottom tooth through.
You adore to climb the stairs.
You still have a weird love for any knitted item and your blankets are still your favourite.
you turn every switch on and off and press every button.
You are walking in shops, however you are not confident enough outside on the uneven floors.
You say 'MamaDada' really quickly and then giggle uncontrolably. 
You love to learn new things and at the moment you are obsessed with pointing to the clock, ball and putting your shoes on!
You are really interested with the potty and say 'Wawa' then you have had a pee!! i think we might start potty training soon.

You are still hugely funny, thoughtful, gentle and sweet. You have real moments of stillness and contemplation and I often wonder what you are thinking, what has taken you away, what you have found fascinating. 
At 16 months you started laughing at CBeebies, you find  'waybuloo' so funny, and i love your silly sense of humour. You love to blow raspberries and pull Papas shirt up and jiggly his belly.

You bring us a million laughs a day, we are always being amazed by how smart you are. You make strangers in the street smile and say hello. You chat up waitresses with your good looks and blue eyes...no-one can resist those long eyelash flutters. 
I think we are going to have our hands full with you in the future and I cannot wait!
Reach for the star darling pickle, they shine nearly as bright as you do.
I love you millions,

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Proud Parents


This little man is just the most wonderful thing me and the Wonderful dutchman have ever done!
Yeah its hard work and we are having a period of sleep deprivation right now...we are slightly grumpy, However we know it wont last long. 

We are in total awe of the growth that is happening before our eyes...the understanding that is behind those beautiful blue eyes of his. His words are coming so quickly and it fills my heart that when he sees a flower in his book, he shouts out 'flowwweerrrrrrr'. there are a million other things also...but right now thats enough to get me through 4 hours sleep. 

Seriously proud of this little man we created right now. I just wanted to doument it here...to remind me of how far we have come.

Thursday, 27 June 2013

15 Months ~ Letter to August


Hey my clever walker!

Yep Mama was right...this month you WALKED!! You took your first few steps on the 12th June 2013...I was so proud and so was Papa. It took me awhile to get a photo though. You would walk a few steps and bump down onto your bum so quickly I couldn't catch you mid step!

This new found skill is making you a very happy chap, you look pleased as punch with your new freedom. Mama however is slightly weepy at the fact that her baby is now all independent. 

Life has been passing by at a gentle pace...mornings in pyjamas, and lazy hazy hot days of naked baby time, long lunches & BBQ's is the garden. I have enjoyed this month with you so much. I am remembering the baby and looking at the toddler it is weird for Mama...but wonderful to see you grow so beautifully.

You are happy, fun and charming little Pip...all this hard work is paying off.

You have really developed a love for books this month, and I often find you looking through one.
You walked!!
You share all your food with us.
You love to chew on the flooring foam letters.
You have 4 new teeth all coming through at once ;(
You have inherited your Papa's love for Lego.
Opa, Oma and Tante Miranda came to visit you.
You love an audience and anyone with a camera.
You get shy and upset when new faces are around.
Banana's still rock your world.
You went in a big van on a work trip in the gorgeous June heat and met your cousin for Lunch
You HAVE to smell flowers if you seen them.
You will not lie down to have your nappy changed.
You know the phrase 'shall we go and brush your teeth' in both English and Dutch. you also put your hand up to your month in a mock brushing action!
You are quick at learning new things.
You love to empty your bookcase.
You are still clingy if tired, in pain or in new situations.

Life is gloriously full at the moment. You make us so proud and thankful. You make me think quick and enjoy the small things. Living simply is a big thing for us right now. We don't want to miss a thing.

Keep amazing us Darling boy.
You Rock our world.
Love you,

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

14 Months ~ Letter to August

Darling Boy,

So much has changed this month. You have developed  a LOT. I feel like the days have flown by and you have achieved and learnt so much. 
The summer is starting, and like a plant you have spent a long time physically growing towards the sun, taking nutrients, storing energy, however now you are starting to unfurl into this beautiful flower. You whizz around cruising and crawling...your so quick! The chatter has turned into words, and you seem to pick up new words almost daily. When you were only a few days old, I had a lovely South African midwife come and give you a hearing test. She told me as we were raising you bi-lingual you might take much longer to talk...I think you are bucking the trend.

This month we have seen lots of family. Your Cousin Isla seems to like you alot...the feeling is mutual, you like to hold each others hands and smile at each other...a lifelong bond is forming. As I have told you before it is your job to protect her and screen every boy who comes within 10 feet of her!!

Your toys have taken on a new role, and you have started problem solving...working out that the stacking cup all sit in one another...and the tower of rings all are different sizes and only go on one way. I love to see the look on your face as you work it out for the first time...you do it, look around for me, I tell you how clever you are and this huge smiles come across your face...pride. You amaze me with it everyday.

We recently found this little piano at the charity shop...I have high hopes that you will learn an instrument, something I wish I hadn't flaked out on...I would have been a female version of Nigel Kennedy by now if I had not :). You love to listen to us play it, and when you play it, you are always giggling at the sound it makes.

I now have gone back to work, it is nice for us. We have some time apart and I'm sure we are both benefitting from it. I however adore coming home to your smiles and nose bumps, and even homemade Mama cake!!

You love to play in the baking cupboard, picking up all the colouring bottles, hundreds and thousands, and flour.
You can say Mama, Dada, Nana, No,Tractor, Banana, Flower, More, Nijntje, and when we say Baxie to you, you wave!
You eat mainly with your hands now...the spoon is banished.
Peas...they rock your world....with huge 'ohhhhhh' when you see them on your plate.
You can stand without help...for all of 3 second :)
You adore your bedtime stories with Papa.
You sit in the bath without a seat.
You smell flowers in the shop with Nana everytime we go in, which is daily.
You are loving the time we spend in the garden.
You had your first swim...you might need a few more as you were not amused!
We all went camping in the woods...you got naked A LOT!
You and Papa have a boys day every week.
You dont have to have anymore jabs until you are 3 years old...YAY!

The next stop is walking Master B...I think this time next month I will be writing about it. I cannot wait to see you run around the Garden, a great big grin on your face, squealing with joy.
 More memories, more fun...It will be magical for us all.

Be bold my beautiful boy.
Love Always,

Monday, 13 May 2013


Last week we spent the Bank holiday weekend in an old railway carriage, in the middle of the Cotswold countryside. It was a perfect little break for us.

The weather was delightful and Auggy got his first taster of outdoors naked play this year...its been far too long! He loved it!

Nightingales sang, owls hooted, willow trees rustled in the soft breeze and we played scrabble as the light faded, the lanterns lit and our babe sleeping soundly in his cot. It was rather dreamy.

One happy, rested and smiley family!


Wednesday, 1 May 2013

13 Months ~ Letter to August

Dearest Auggs,

The photo above melts my heart. You & Papa snoozing in our bed a year apart...can you see your newborn wrinkly hands? and your dark hair? I packed away that tiny babygrow this weekend and me & Papa marveled about how tiny you were...how perfect; How lucky we are to have you here safe and well; giggling, smiling with your cheeky-ness.

It has been a month of growth spurts, fun and adventure. You are getting very quick and i often think you are in the front room happily playing and then find you in the hall trying to climb the stairs...you are keeping me on my toes and i love it. You have started to talk more and you are starting to communicate with us. You say 'no', 'more', 'Mama', and your favorite; 'Narna' meaning you can see a banana and want it right now!

You are growing in so many beautiful ways. Some are challenging, some are funny...all are amazing to me your Mama. It is a real honour to be your play partner, food giver, comfort, tickler, memory maker, wardrobe assistant and chief nappy changer. 

Today we went to the swings after a hard long winter of snow and freezing weather. You were not sure about it, but you loved to watch Papa & me playing and reliving our childhood! You loved trying to catch Mamas feet as I swung higher and higher!

I cannot wait for a summer of warm breezes, sparkling skies, playing outside and you learning to walk with your chubby legs in shorts. 

You are quick....crawling and cruising.
You cannot see a banana without wanting it!
You are starting to understand what we are telling you.
You copy us.
You say uh oh...or uh uh... or oh oh!!
Mama is your new favorite word repeating it ALL the time!
You open & close the cupboard doors with great pleasure...we are teaching you 'open' close'...'open' 'dicht'
The tractor is your toy of the month...it talks...'we're off to the fields'!!
You love to push buttons delicately with one finger.
You think it is hilarious to grab our noses to see what sound they make...we all have a different sound, and are possibly regretting this game :)
You love to look out of the French windows...nose squished against it.
Miffy rocks your bedtime story EVERY night!
blue is your favorite colour...you spend ages playing with just the blue toys!
You has your first taste of ice cream.

I have been reminded this month what a little miracle you are...how we would be lost without you.
You have changed our world in a million ways...each one for the better.
You have my heart little man.
I love you

Wednesday, 24 April 2013


Today we lit a candle for little baby Vaughan Leonard...
...too beautiful for this world...
...soaring high, with the Angels...
The newest twinkle in the sky.

Fly free & Sparkle bright Sweetheart.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

The First Cut

1 year and three weeks
It had to be done
The first haircut
Another item to treasure
The baby now looks like a boy
Mama's heart is a tiny bit sad

Thursday, 4 April 2013

The Image

This photo is one of my favorite of the last year...not because of the image captured but for what it was to be in that moment with our pickle. 

Our first little holiday to the sea, 5 and a half months old, so happy, so well behaved, seagulls chatting, waves crashing, giggling babe, smiling relaxing husband, shoulders dropping, sea breezes through open windows.

It was beautiful

My boys were beautiful

The sea, hotel, food & warmth was beautiful

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

12 Months ~ Letter to August

Master August Willem Birthday Boy,

Today you are ONE!! 

A year ago today you entered this world loudly and quickly at 3.15am...the second you were placed on my belly I knew this love was eternal...it will never die...only continue life, after life, after life. I remember looking into your navy blue eyes and questioning what name suited you best. All the ones that were top of the list swam away and I didn't know who you were going to be.
Did you know it took Papa & Me 4 days to work it out? You were (and in someway will always be) Pip for quite a while!!

This year has been so eventful, special, exciting and such fun.
You always surprise me, make me laugh & make me think. I hope this year has been as wonderful for you. You have grown so much, and in this last month your personality is just getting bigger & bigger too. You like to have the odd screaming fit & throw you spoon across the kitchen, surly the terrible twos haven't come already? I however know you are testing your boundaries and I hope I'm being patient with you.

Papa has been ill and we have had to postpone your pirate party. I however couldn't not put up your pirate pom poms, flags, bunting & a few balloons. We sang Happy birthday and you tried chocolate cake for the first time! It was sweet and perfect. Nana was there too. You have so many lovely presents & cards. It always touches me how many people love and cherish you. 

You have mastered the crawl...at last!
Your top teeth have come through
You were ill for the first time :(
You have a new found love of toast with cream cheese
You happily walk around the furniture
You have all your toys in the dressed and love to take them all out!
You love to stack things together
You will feed yourself if the food is on the spoon.
You love to copy us...when we drink you do...when we eat you want to.
You have a new buggy which you seem to love.
you find it such fun to empty my make up bag.
You say La La La.

You are so kind Auggs. You love to share everything you have, from a biscuit to handing me some fluff on the floor you have discovered...it is so sweet.  As I helped you blow out your candles I wished you would always cherish this quality. It will get you far in this crazy beautiful world of ours!

This time last year I was learning how to change nappies, bath you & feed you. I had to learn what you needed, your cries, your routine. The learning curve is so steep but so amazing.
You have taught me so much, brought me so much joy and light, given me a wonderful gift I only dreamed of.

You are the star I wished on, the twinkle of our eye, the long awaited dream.
I wish you another wondrous year of fun, learning, love, magic and joy.
May all your dream come true Always Pip.

Love Always,

Friday, 22 March 2013


Sick baby, sick husband, grumpy dog, knackered Mum!! It seems March has it in for us. 

Lots of cuddles, snoozes on shoulders, and quiet moments reminded me of the early day with this little Pickle....that was a treat...I also ate Lunch for 2 days running...bonus!

Auggy has a new toy box and is now never out of our scottish dresser...filled with all his toys, books and games...our living room looks grown up again!

The pickle is now well, but Papa is not...the dog has picked up on the general gloom, and is totally fed up with us sad sacks!

He also hates his photo being taken, and a small human disturbing his nap...
August laughs at him when he howls and if he comes into his room...he also waves at him, which is still cute!

He is one next week...boom...mind blown!

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Happy Mummy Day

Mothering Sunday was just lovely. It was Mine and my darling sisters first...we celebrated with roast pork  & bubbles! Our Ma bought us beautiful pink sweetpeas which was a lovely surprise.
She also got the babes an early Easter pressie of Bunny ears! Every body loves a baby in bunny ears :)

Yep he is still rocking them! I think he likes the limelight...maybe he is an actor in the making!

A truly happy day with everyone I love and cherish.
Here is to many more

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Growing Pains

 Chuckles, giggles, laughter, chortles they all brighten my day equally.
Life is full of them and I am so thankful for it! 
My little man is growing up too quickly, everything is changing, clothes packed away for the next bundle of joy, new car seats, bath seats, the list is endless!

A slight change around in August's room was in order too. We lowered the cot, as he has begun to stand up in bed! We have also had to take away the adored mobile, as he was trying to eat it, and the fear of it wrapping around his neck was too great for my nerves. I think it has a more grown up look. However it pains me to see our tiny newborn disappear and being taken over by a full on toddler, but i am looking forward to the next stage of our bambinos life. 

Why does it go so quickly?
It was a minute ago we brought him home from the hospital wasn't it?
One year old in 20 days...crazy head spin!

Saturday, 2 March 2013

11 Months ~ Letter to August

Hey Pickles,

Firstly....You only have gone and got a blooming TOOTH!!!!!! this is a major break through for you, and now you have one, the bottom center left, the right one is also half way out. It has been a long time coming, and Papa and me did a dance around the living room when it arrived!

You do not sit down for any longer than it takes you to eat, after that you are on the move. You love the foot stool and go around and around it all day. Working from stool to chair to sideboard and back again, you never tie of it. You have started to head for the kitchen, but there is a lack of surfaces to prop you up. I often wonder if your bored, but this simply routine gives you so much joy. You dont seem to need a huge amount to keep you happy, but we are looking into new courses which will get you socializing more.

You still love water, from the running tap, to your drink spilt and played with over the dining table. It is my aim is to get you swimming soon, especially with summer coming and maybe a holiday being booked...on with sunshine and a pool!

I can honestly say that you are the most fun and beautiful soul, and I am so proud that in some way I have helped develop that. Yes you are still a Pickle, you have your moments, but they never last long. You are going to be a big character August. You have grown too quickly and you will be one this month, which i find so difficult to believe. This time last year i was so excited to finally meet you...you loved to make my belly wriggle and kept Papa & Me so amused....nothing has changed except we get to see your handsome smile and gummy grin now....what a fabulous time we are having darling boy. 

You love eating bananas straight from the banana, no mashing required
You love hair
You love Gregory the Giraffe
You love the fringing on anything, rug, scarf, clothing, throws; in fact you have a love of texture and love to scratch your fingers down any new surface. Papa has told me your great Oma also did this!
Standing is the new sitting up.
You love to sip from a cup you always have a huge grin after.
You walk perfectly in your walker, and even go backwards
You have started opening cupboards, emptying box and bookcases.
You pick up fluff from the carpet with great intrigue and care.
You have a new big boy car seat, and you seem to like being able to see us and out the window.
You will still eat anything
Wheaty carrot puffs rock your world!

You are so confident little man. You greet everyone with smiles and sparkling eyes. Everyone who meets you thinks you are just wonderful (you get that from your Papa :)).
I cant help but think that this skill will be with you forever. I see you as a friendly, happy and content leader of the bunch, the strong one people will go to for advice and help. This doesnt mean you can get a big head you must stay grounded and wise darling boy.

Remember August;

To be kind
Be an example
Work hard
Tell the truth
Have courage
Laugh Always
Live and Love with all your heart
Follow your bliss 

The next letter will be 12 months... a whole year! Wow that fact is still blowing my mind.

I love you Pickles
Forever & and a day

Friday, 1 February 2013

10 Months ~ Letter to August

 Mr Moo,

Wow how you have grown little man! Developmentally you are so smart, I love to see the amazement in your face when you discover something new. We build towers out of your blocks and you don't like to knock them down but place more things on top. Like your dummy or another block, it is so sweet to watch.

You love to share and offer everything to us....if your playing, you offer us a stacking cup, dummy, or toy. You have even started to offer us your spoon after you have taken a mouthful. I adore to see this kindness in you, I pray it continues throughout your life, because it is a wonderful quality to have August.

We have seen you sleep a lot better this month...I bought you an amber anklet to see whether it sooth's your horrid teething pain...I really think it has worked to take the edge off. You seem so much better, and that make Mama & Papa so happy.

This month we have been spending a lot of time with other babies, it has been fun, you are so calm and gentle, even when others are crying and fussing. However the only time this doesn't work is if your hungry...you are ruled by your tummy; just like your Papa!! Your meals just keep getting bigger and bigger as does your appetite!  Food is your world, which is great. I am very grateful you are not fussy about what you eat and you hardly ever refuse anything...thank you for that darling boy, it makes Mummy's life so much easier.

Avocado is still your favorite and you have just started to eat some finger food and wheat puffs are devoured with much pleasure and orange hands.  

Mama has made your 1st Birthday Party invites, which I'm trying not to think about because you cannot possibly be one soon!

You love wheat puffs
You can stand up with the help of the chair
You can turn around on your bum
You now sit sideways in your high chair!
You still wave like crazy
You bounce to the beat of the music
You Dutch clock ALWAYS gets you smiling and laughing
You hate strong wind
You hate the car seat
You saw your first ever snow, and loved touching it
Your handknitted GG blankets are a huge comfort for you
You love to dance with Mama in the sling
You play peek-a-boo, lifting your blanket to cover your eyes then dropping it to reveal a huge grin!
You had your first fall...and bruise!

I have spent 19 months loving & nurturing you. Imagining your future, worrying, laughing and enjoying your every wriggle, hiccup, smile & giggle. Seeing your achievements, the light in your eyes, every pound gained, every mouthful , every ounce of milk & every outfit outgrown. Words cannot say how mind blowingly beautiful this time has been. 

Can we do it all again August? With maybe more sleep?

I adore you with every tiny atom in my body and soul.

P.S I want to see teeth next month please!