Saturday, 20 October 2012

Delight in Him

I'm not going to lie...this month has been a toughie...moving, teething, and trying to sort out a new house has taken its toll on me. My days run into one another and by the time August is finally asleep at night i realise i have only drunk one glass of water and forgotten to eat anything...let alone kiss my husband!

However i was reading a blog the other day, and the writer has twins...She was taking about taking delight in them....its her mantra...and it got me thinking.

These moment will never happen again, we will never get them back as she says... good or bad. There is something magical in that phrase 'Delight in them' boy, Funny, Grumpy, Happy, Content, Picklish, Loving & Unique. He is my world and i do delight in that.

I have made a pact to try and wear him as much as possible, or as much as my back will i love babywearing. It brings us closer, and i can read his needs so much better. To take delight in him...being like one again...his heart next to mine.

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Kay said...

got to remember to look after Mummy!!!xxxx