Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Play Time

We are having plenty of smiles here lately and August is growing up so much...I cannot believe we are 9 weeks into having this little man in our lives...its a whirlwind of super highs and some lows...but I tell you those smiles make it worth every single sleepless night and hours of colicy crying!


Rachel said...

He is just gorgeous. I hope the lows haven't been too low and feeding is going well for you (I had my fair share of nightmares!) No promises but Heidi's colicy-ness disappeared at 12 weeks so fingers crossed for you! x

Mr & Mrs B said...

thank you rachel...it is certainly getting better on the colic front...it just breaks your heart to see them so upset. feeding is ok...we have also had our moments as he is a BIG eater...im holding out, but the bottles might be calling soon :(
love to you all xxx