Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Play Time

We are having plenty of smiles here lately and August is growing up so much...I cannot believe we are 9 weeks into having this little man in our lives...its a whirlwind of super highs and some lows...but I tell you those smiles make it worth every single sleepless night and hours of colicy crying!

Monday, 14 May 2012

Wake up Mummy

Morning Handsome!
My morning have never been so good

7 weeks old
9lb 2oz
Loves the mornings, his cheeks being squished, shadows on the ceiling, his pram. 
Eyes are still navy blue, he has his feet inked for the first time for Oma &Opa, his hair is turning blonde, his legs are getting chubby, he kicks and wriggles for England AND Holland! (nothing has changed on that front!)

You Rock August!

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

One Month ~ Letter to August

Darling Boy,

Well this first Month of being a mummy to you has gone in a flash. I have enjoyed every second August. You have been a joyful bundle of scrummy baby-ness. Your chubby cheeks, long fingers, and big feet make my day, and keep me in awe of you. We created you, you camped out in my belly for a whole 9 month ( minus a day!) and now you are here, brightening our lives...I am still amazed by that fact.

Right now, as you sit frog like on my chest I remember the moment I found out we were having you. It was a beautiful July day, the day before was your Dads birthday and we had been to the seaside....I knew then on that beach, that you were in my belly, I felt i wasn't alone. I next day it was confirmed. I cried with pure joy and utter fear that I was having a baby. 

However I had nothing to fear...

You are perfect in every way. The fear has washed away, replaced by happiness and instinct. 
You bring us laughter with your milky smiles, rolling eyes and little noises. You have grown out of your new baby babygrows and at the last measurement you were 65 cm long...your Dutch ancestry is very apparent!

We can only get you to settle by swaddling you....you love touching your face....shadows on the ceiling...walking up and down the stairs with Daddy...the mobile above your cot...watching me stick my tongue out at you, i swear you try and copy me....and boy do you burp loudly!

Every one you have met has instantly fallen for your good looks, long eyelashes and button nose. However the jury is out as to who you look like....but your frown is all your Dads!

We love you little chap...make sure those sweet dream your having right now on my chest are big and happy ones 
Love, Mummy xxx