Tuesday, 26 March 2013

12 Months ~ Letter to August

Master August Willem Birthday Boy,

Today you are ONE!! 

A year ago today you entered this world loudly and quickly at 3.15am...the second you were placed on my belly I knew this love was eternal...it will never die...only continue life, after life, after life. I remember looking into your navy blue eyes and questioning what name suited you best. All the ones that were top of the list swam away and I didn't know who you were going to be.
Did you know it took Papa & Me 4 days to work it out? You were (and in someway will always be) Pip for quite a while!!

This year has been so eventful, special, exciting and such fun.
You always surprise me, make me laugh & make me think. I hope this year has been as wonderful for you. You have grown so much, and in this last month your personality is just getting bigger & bigger too. You like to have the odd screaming fit & throw you spoon across the kitchen, surly the terrible twos haven't come already? I however know you are testing your boundaries and I hope I'm being patient with you.

Papa has been ill and we have had to postpone your pirate party. I however couldn't not put up your pirate pom poms, flags, bunting & a few balloons. We sang Happy birthday and you tried chocolate cake for the first time! It was sweet and perfect. Nana was there too. You have so many lovely presents & cards. It always touches me how many people love and cherish you. 

You have mastered the crawl...at last!
Your top teeth have come through
You were ill for the first time :(
You have a new found love of toast with cream cheese
You happily walk around the furniture
You have all your toys in the dressed and love to take them all out!
You love to stack things together
You will feed yourself if the food is on the spoon.
You love to copy us...when we drink you do...when we eat you want to.
You have a new buggy which you seem to love.
you find it such fun to empty my make up bag.
You say La La La.

You are so kind Auggs. You love to share everything you have, from a biscuit to handing me some fluff on the floor you have discovered...it is so sweet.  As I helped you blow out your candles I wished you would always cherish this quality. It will get you far in this crazy beautiful world of ours!

This time last year I was learning how to change nappies, bath you & feed you. I had to learn what you needed, your cries, your routine. The learning curve is so steep but so amazing.
You have taught me so much, brought me so much joy and light, given me a wonderful gift I only dreamed of.

You are the star I wished on, the twinkle of our eye, the long awaited dream.
I wish you another wondrous year of fun, learning, love, magic and joy.
May all your dream come true Always Pip.

Love Always,

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