Friday, 22 March 2013


Sick baby, sick husband, grumpy dog, knackered Mum!! It seems March has it in for us. 

Lots of cuddles, snoozes on shoulders, and quiet moments reminded me of the early day with this little Pickle....that was a treat...I also ate Lunch for 2 days running...bonus!

Auggy has a new toy box and is now never out of our scottish dresser...filled with all his toys, books and games...our living room looks grown up again!

The pickle is now well, but Papa is not...the dog has picked up on the general gloom, and is totally fed up with us sad sacks!

He also hates his photo being taken, and a small human disturbing his nap...
August laughs at him when he howls and if he comes into his room...he also waves at him, which is still cute!

He is one next week...boom...mind blown!

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