Tuesday, 3 September 2013

16 & 17 Month ~ Letter to August

My darling little Auggy,

Wow these last 2 months have gone in a whirlwind of firsts, walking, more teeth, and general doses of life!
I am so sorry that I didnt write you a letter last month. Your 16th month was one of my favourite, you perfected walking and I couldnt have been more proud of you. We spent many a day in the paddling pool, cooling off in the fierce July heat. It was a month of growth and taking life slowly, enjoying the summer and learning lots of new exciting things and spending lots of time with our wonderful family.

You have discovered the joy of laughter and are always doing funny things to make us smile. You have days full of chuckles and those are just wonderful. You love to hide and jump out at us...you do this over and over again. I adore to see your reaction to our surprise and shock. The pure joy you share with us is something that always amazes me. I never thought being a Mama would be this wonderful.

You still copy our actions, whether it be a sticky out tongue, a kiss, or a nose beep. I can literally see you learning by the second. We recently went to pick some beans in the garden, and I was passing them to you, you were putting them into the basket...you are so smart darling. You can complete most of your toy puzzles, and you know all the farmyard animals and their sounds.


Unfortunately you have also started throwing tantrums...they dont last long and are only when you are frustrated about something or over tired. You love to throw yourself on the floor, face screwed up with fake tears, and waving arms. I'm hoping these dont last for long! 

Your love of books is fabulous. i have been worried that you wouldnt like to read as you have never really given them much attention until the last 3 months. You will bring me a book to read you at least 8 times a day. You love anything with animals or a tractor. You point things out and i will reread it over and over until you get bored.

When we went to the zoo, Papa reworked your favorite Miffy book using your name instead. We saw so many amazing animals, however the one that got the biggest reaction was the gregory's giraffes! You adored them and got right up close to them. You waved and waved and chatted away to them.

You love 'Goodnight Tractor' and ask for it to be read to you most days.
You will now only stand in the bath.
You have a fork, and a new straw sippy cup!
You have had a big growth spurt, and your long legs have got really chubby.
You have another bottom tooth through.
You adore to climb the stairs.
You still have a weird love for any knitted item and your blankets are still your favourite.
you turn every switch on and off and press every button.
You are walking in shops, however you are not confident enough outside on the uneven floors.
You say 'MamaDada' really quickly and then giggle uncontrolably. 
You love to learn new things and at the moment you are obsessed with pointing to the clock, ball and putting your shoes on!
You are really interested with the potty and say 'Wawa' then you have had a pee!! i think we might start potty training soon.

You are still hugely funny, thoughtful, gentle and sweet. You have real moments of stillness and contemplation and I often wonder what you are thinking, what has taken you away, what you have found fascinating. 
At 16 months you started laughing at CBeebies, you find  'waybuloo' so funny, and i love your silly sense of humour. You love to blow raspberries and pull Papas shirt up and jiggly his belly.

You bring us a million laughs a day, we are always being amazed by how smart you are. You make strangers in the street smile and say hello. You chat up waitresses with your good looks and blue eyes...no-one can resist those long eyelash flutters. 
I think we are going to have our hands full with you in the future and I cannot wait!
Reach for the star darling pickle, they shine nearly as bright as you do.
I love you millions,

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