Wednesday, 1 May 2013

13 Months ~ Letter to August

Dearest Auggs,

The photo above melts my heart. You & Papa snoozing in our bed a year apart...can you see your newborn wrinkly hands? and your dark hair? I packed away that tiny babygrow this weekend and me & Papa marveled about how tiny you perfect; How lucky we are to have you here safe and well; giggling, smiling with your cheeky-ness.

It has been a month of growth spurts, fun and adventure. You are getting very quick and i often think you are in the front room happily playing and then find you in the hall trying to climb the are keeping me on my toes and i love it. You have started to talk more and you are starting to communicate with us. You say 'no', 'more', 'Mama', and your favorite; 'Narna' meaning you can see a banana and want it right now!

You are growing in so many beautiful ways. Some are challenging, some are funny...all are amazing to me your Mama. It is a real honour to be your play partner, food giver, comfort, tickler, memory maker, wardrobe assistant and chief nappy changer. 

Today we went to the swings after a hard long winter of snow and freezing weather. You were not sure about it, but you loved to watch Papa & me playing and reliving our childhood! You loved trying to catch Mamas feet as I swung higher and higher!

I cannot wait for a summer of warm breezes, sparkling skies, playing outside and you learning to walk with your chubby legs in shorts. 

You are quick....crawling and cruising.
You cannot see a banana without wanting it!
You are starting to understand what we are telling you.
You copy us.
You say uh oh...or uh uh... or oh oh!!
Mama is your new favorite word repeating it ALL the time!
You open & close the cupboard doors with great pleasure...we are teaching you 'open' close'...'open' 'dicht'
The tractor is your toy of the talks...'we're off to the fields'!!
You love to push buttons delicately with one finger.
You think it is hilarious to grab our noses to see what sound they make...we all have a different sound, and are possibly regretting this game :)
You love to look out of the French windows...nose squished against it.
Miffy rocks your bedtime story EVERY night!
blue is your favorite spend ages playing with just the blue toys!
You has your first taste of ice cream.

I have been reminded this month what a little miracle you we would be lost without you.
You have changed our world in a million ways...each one for the better.
You have my heart little man.
I love you

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