Saturday, 2 March 2013

11 Months ~ Letter to August

Hey Pickles,

Firstly....You only have gone and got a blooming TOOTH!!!!!! this is a major break through for you, and now you have one, the bottom center left, the right one is also half way out. It has been a long time coming, and Papa and me did a dance around the living room when it arrived!

You do not sit down for any longer than it takes you to eat, after that you are on the move. You love the foot stool and go around and around it all day. Working from stool to chair to sideboard and back again, you never tie of it. You have started to head for the kitchen, but there is a lack of surfaces to prop you up. I often wonder if your bored, but this simply routine gives you so much joy. You dont seem to need a huge amount to keep you happy, but we are looking into new courses which will get you socializing more.

You still love water, from the running tap, to your drink spilt and played with over the dining table. It is my aim is to get you swimming soon, especially with summer coming and maybe a holiday being booked...on with sunshine and a pool!

I can honestly say that you are the most fun and beautiful soul, and I am so proud that in some way I have helped develop that. Yes you are still a Pickle, you have your moments, but they never last long. You are going to be a big character August. You have grown too quickly and you will be one this month, which i find so difficult to believe. This time last year i was so excited to finally meet loved to make my belly wriggle and kept Papa & Me so amused....nothing has changed except we get to see your handsome smile and gummy grin now....what a fabulous time we are having darling boy. 

You love eating bananas straight from the banana, no mashing required
You love hair
You love Gregory the Giraffe
You love the fringing on anything, rug, scarf, clothing, throws; in fact you have a love of texture and love to scratch your fingers down any new surface. Papa has told me your great Oma also did this!
Standing is the new sitting up.
You love to sip from a cup you always have a huge grin after.
You walk perfectly in your walker, and even go backwards
You have started opening cupboards, emptying box and bookcases.
You pick up fluff from the carpet with great intrigue and care.
You have a new big boy car seat, and you seem to like being able to see us and out the window.
You will still eat anything
Wheaty carrot puffs rock your world!

You are so confident little man. You greet everyone with smiles and sparkling eyes. Everyone who meets you thinks you are just wonderful (you get that from your Papa :)).
I cant help but think that this skill will be with you forever. I see you as a friendly, happy and content leader of the bunch, the strong one people will go to for advice and help. This doesnt mean you can get a big head you must stay grounded and wise darling boy.

Remember August;

To be kind
Be an example
Work hard
Tell the truth
Have courage
Laugh Always
Live and Love with all your heart
Follow your bliss 

The next letter will be 12 months... a whole year! Wow that fact is still blowing my mind.

I love you Pickles
Forever & and a day

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Kay said...

what a lovely post for the dearest little boy in my world....xx