Thursday, 1 March 2012

Sunday's Worry & Wednesday's Joy

Pip the Pickle struck again on Saturday...After having months of huge kicks, turns and going on in my blooming belly...on Saturday it stopped...a few lazy jolts, but nothing much.
Panic started to set in, as one of the things the consultant told me to watch out for was reduced movements.
After getting home from work I sat on the sofa and prayed my belly would wriggle like before...but no, the lazy kicks were few and far between. We then went out for dinner and got a few big ones...I went to bed slightly stressed out.

We woke in the morning, with plans to go to my aunts 60th Birthday party...we phoned the hospital and they told us to come in then and there...posh frock now back on the hanger, notes gathered... Ugg boots on....bags in the car boot just in ever positive Dutchman by my side...we got to a lovely quiet hospital at 12pm.
by 1.30 I was hooked up to the monitor....then; right on queue..... Pip Kicked...this baby I tell you!!

We danced away to her/his heartbeat, like some drum & bass music, mixed in with all the other worried Mums, babes heartbeat!! The stress washed away, as I watched her/his heartbeat and kicks register on the monitor. The lovely midwifes made us tea, reassured us, and booked us in the next day to double check.

We didn't go back the next day, as Pip was kicking away nicely...not the same as before, but no way as lazy as Saturday/Sunday.

We went back to the hospital yesterday, for a growth scan and an consultants visit.
Pip is growing nicely. 1 to 2 weeks ahead...the computer said s/he weighs 6lbs 15oz...I can only hope it was wrong! however s/he feels heavier each morning :/

We also do not need to go back, as my blood sugars are great. We also have an induction date (!!) I will not be allowed to go overdue, which is exciting!!

So from worry & stress to joy & excitement in a few short days.
I think Pip is just letting us know that life is to be on big rollercoster now they are here...I am enjoying the ride already....a little less heart stopping moments would be lovely those darling baby!!

Keep kicking bambino
We love you 

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Kay said...

you have got one big character there already!!! I can't wait to meet this little pickle!!xxx