Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Letter to Pip ~ Part 6

Dear The Mighty Pip the Pickle,

Well my darling we are nearly there...today you are 37 weeks old and I couldn't be more proud of you and my body. We have been through a lot. We have had adventures, laughter, stresses, fun, tears and moments of breath holding and prayers.

You seem to be kicking well this week. In fact I feel you are running out of room and those long legs are getting a bit cramped now. We managed to freak Auntie Louise out as she watched you kick and jiggle about, she just couldn't believe how strong you are...I think we might have put her off having a baby. I however told her how wonderful the feeling was. After last weeks antics you can kick as much as you like darling baby.

So all you have to do now Pip is arrive soon, before the 28th March would be wonderful. I want to give birth to you naturally, so you have 2 and a half weeks to pack your bags and come into this wonderful world.
We are all waiting & wondering what you will be....boy or girl? We have all had a guess in the 'Pip Tote'. Mine is a Boy born on the 21st March, however I am only about 50.5% about the boy thing...I think it could go either way!! 
Daddy thinks Girl born on the 9th March....so you better get a wriggle on if he is to be right!!

We are off to have a spa day on Thursday with Auntie Jenna...a lovely gift from our wonderful family...I honestly cannot wait. We are going to have a massage, facial and pedicure....we are going to float in the pool for ages, in our blue polka dot tankini, in which we look rather like a whale in!! 
So if you can resist coming out until we have been pampered I would really appreciate it!

Come safely and quickly gorgeous babe...we are ready & waiting for you to complete our little world Pip.
Head down little one
We love you 


Kay said...

i loved the 'head down' at the end of your blog post!!! it made me laugh out loud......we can't wait to meet this pickle too!!!xxx

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

oh hellooooooooooooooo to mr and mrs b and mr bob!! i so wondered if this were you - and it IS! mrs b, you are radiant, so radiant with your little pip. i cannot wait to see your bundle of joy! sooo happy for you and the dutchman - and mr. bob, too.

much love from across the pond,