Thursday, 15 March 2012

One week and four days to go!!

We are so near the finishing line! I am slightly grumpy and uncomfortable right now, but I am still so excited about giving birth to this little Pip. As a woman the whole process amazes me and it is something I have been wanting to go through for bring it on baby :)

I feel I have had a super easy pregnancy so far. No horrid symptoms, no swollen ankles, not a lot of sickness. Ok, we have been to the hospital more than most, but it normally ended up with us getting a look at Pip, so that has been our silver lining. I have been uncomfortable yes, but that is nothing compered to what some ladies I know have been through. 

The Wonderful one, told me it has been difficult for him. Our pregnancy wasn't what he expected. He, unlike me, thought it would be easier for me. He hates that he cant help me when I'm uncomfy...he said he just never thought that would be an maybe I have been moaning more than I thought!! 
He is also worried about how he will be in the delivery room...bless him! I know it will be tough to see someone you love going through such a powerful and painful experience, however I have told him to be strong, make me smile, tell me I'm doing a great job and to keep the cold face cloths coming!! 

....The pressure is building...the excitement is mounting...
Do you think Pip will hold out until after Mother's Day?
Will I get another weekly photo out of this bump?
Is my guess day right?
Time is a cruel, but thrilling thing :)


lemonade kitty said...

Oh I'm as excited as you are to see your little Pip, have you been watching "one born every miinute"? You've had a good pregnancy so I'm sure you'll have a good birth too, Lucey x

Mr & Mrs B said...

oh thank you so excited about it all. I just hope the birth is on my terms, and we can avoid the induction!!
One born every minute is a firm wednesday night watch. Those midwifes are just fab! I however hope im not a screaming out of it mum to be...nice and calm is the order of the day!
I hope you are well too xxx