Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Letter to Pip ~ Part 7

 Darling Pip,

This is us at 39 weeks...don't you look fab? I'm still happy with my gorgeous bump and I'm going to miss being pregnant feeling your kicks and general naughty antics. 

I didn't sleep so well last night as I had my second experience of Braxton Hicks, I got all excited and was willing them to stay and get bigger so we could meet you....that and it is my guess day today!! Your Dad got it sooo wrong with his I thought I had won the bet, however they went after 3 hours and I fell asleep dreaming about what you are going to look like.

Everything is ready for you...the house is getting cleaner by the second, due to my boredom! Your drawers are still neat and tidy, and your bag has been repacked my Daddy so he know what to dress you to come home in. We have done the last minute shopping, my bag is packed and the list of your possible names is getting longer!

I am trying to relax, get some sleep, and not worry about being induced, which seems more likely as each day passes. I'm sure we will cope either way. The excitement about meeting you will over take the worry anyway :)

The daffodils daddy planted for your Birthday are all out and happy, waiting for you to arrive. I can't wait to walk you through our garden...have picnic rugs on the decking under the umbrella when it is hot, and listen to the swifts chattering overhead, while I marvel at your chunky legs with rolls of baby fat, while you coo away in ruffly bloomers! 

Life is going to be so sweet little one.
Stay safe until the time is right...then arrive quick and healthy, bouncy bambino
We love you to the moon and back


Rachel said...

I just wanted to wish you all the best. I loved being pregnant too and this is such an exciting time! x

Ali @ Betty and Violet said...

Good luck with everything ~ so, so exciting. My little one arrived only a few hours after her due day and I hope that your little 'Pip' decides to arrive on time too...

Best wishes
Ali x

Mr & Mrs B said...

Thank you ladies... xxx