Friday, 9 March 2012

Spa Day

Yesterday we had our Spa Day (thank you Pip for holding out!)
To say it was bliss is an was glorious! We had lovely long swims which were wonderful. We floated around looking like a whale, but feeling weightless. Getting out of the pool was another matter altogether...ok so I am THAT heavy!

Anyhow, my lovely friend Jenna came with us...we got scrummy massages and facials, along with head massages and I got a leg massage which was out of this world, who would have thought my legs were SO tense!! We then had a gorgeous bento box lunch which was perfectly delicious. We read trashy magazines, gossiped about people we have never met and generally chilled the hell out.

 I also had a tingling pedicure, which set off my restless legs!! However it was still fab, and she painted my toes the most dramatic red...and I got to take the colour home, which was just perfect. 

I cant thank my wonderful Family enough for treating me to this joyous day.
I love you all so much
So Pip, I am ready...get a wriggle on!

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Kay said...

sounds wonderful...xx