Monday, 30 January 2012

Letter to Pip ~ Part 5

Our Dear Darling Pip,

This is us at 31 weeks....the PJ's are being rocked a lot lately which is just great as we are both super comfy in them.
These last few weeks have been sleepless. A mixture of you and me tossing and turning in bed, and the dreaded restless legs. Nothing seems to calm them down, so we are ever grateful for a good book!
When we do sleep I wake up to you striking weird positions in my belly. Papa and me try to work out which part of your tiny body we are feeling but it is tough. However your poses make us smile and marvel at your skilled acrobatic moves!!

To attempt to calm the dreaded legs we have been soaking in the tub A LOT, a personal favorite of mine...blissful hot water and bubbles makes my day. Your wriggles make the water ripple like a fish in a still amaze me everyday... I cant wait to meet your sweetness...tickle your toes...and watch you be in wonder of the world.

This weekend we have managed to get on top of your is looking so fantastic. I have a slight love of pale blue at the moment, I don't know whether this is you trying to tell me that you are a boy...but we are working it in with pale greens, grey and lemon yellows...a giant world map is going up soon, so you can plan your big adventures from your cot.

We have placed our last orders for all the essentials...they all arrive this week, so your room will be done and all pretty in time for your Auntie Nats and Uncle Luke to visit....and before Valentines day, which will leave us free to make lots of people very happy with flowers! It will be a very busy few weeks until you are born... however I promise to keep you safe and happy until the doctors; or you decide to make an appearance.

8 weeks little one...8 weeks until you become a part of this beautiful, inspiring and amazing world of ours
It holds it arms open in a huge welcome to you Pip
You are Lucky
We love you
Papa & Mummy

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