Thursday, 19 January 2012

The Thirties

Week 30 and this Pip is still wriggling well...kicks in the ribs and stomping on my bladder are starting to take there toll!!

We had yet another appointment at the hospital to check up on how the blood sugar testing is going. I'm pleased to say that I seem to have got a handle on it. We just have to hope my body doesn't start playing games or this little Pip will be born at 38 weeks and I will be on medication....2 things we would like to avoid please!

A Pip arriving on Mothers Day is lovely, however when your a florist it is not the best timing...our busiest day of the year...I can hear my Ma screaming in terror!!

As long as this little one is safe and healthy I will be happy...Mother's Day or no Mother's Day!

Things are starting to get very real...I have a few Wishes...I wish that I don't get induced...I wish to have this Pip naturally... I wish to be calm and relaxed while in labor...I wish that Pip comes into this world happy and safely...and I wish that this diabetes goes away after Pip has entered our life.

And the greatest thing? 
Wishes come true!!
Happy Days 

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Kay said...

whatever happens we will cope....just leave the gin bottle with me.haha!! just to say you look beautiful in this picture,you always are but particularly here..all things will pass and all will be well..x