Wednesday, 11 January 2012

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

This week 29 has been a rollercoaster of emotions already.

~We are at week 29, 11 weeks until I hold our little Pip in my arms!!
~Still feeling pretty and enjoying dressing this very expanding bump of mine.
~Showing my consultant that just because I am a size 16 does mean I have piled on the pound like he assumed I would...I am the same weight as at my booking appointment....I am proud of that fact!
~We finally bought a car seat in the we just have to work out how we get it in the car.
~The Wonderful one hearing Pips heartbeat for the first time.

~ A rather horrid morning at the hospital, drinking the most disgusting drink ever.
~Grumpy nurses.
~Restless legs, which result in 2 hours of sleep a night.
~Finding out I have gestational diabetes :(

~No sleep.
~Pincushions for arms.
~A pointless hospital appointment.
~ The bags & dark circles under my eyes.

It has been a tough one so far, but I am keeping Positive, 11 weeks of a diet change all for the good of Pip...then the reward of looking into his/her eyes, and my world being rocked!

Not long now!!

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lemonade kitty said...

Aw poor you, chin up and keep smiling, as my old nan used to say, not too long till you have your little cherub with you and it will have all been worth it, Lucey x