Thursday, 5 January 2012

Letter to Pip ~ Part 4

 Hey bouncy baby Pip,

Well haven't we have been busy bees this month? From decorating lovely homes for Christmas, serving hundred of customers in our shop, walking Bob in rain & wind, Christmas shopping, and now finally I have started on our own little room.
I am so excited about a little daunted as Ma hasn't kept it very tidy, so everything needs sorting out before I can fit any of your beautiful things in it.
However I think a couple of weeks and I will be posting photos of your new home...oh it going to be wonderful Pip!

You have been so active this last month. I sometimes jump with the force of your kicks...under the ribs are fast becoming a favorite of yours...& boy baby these hurt!! I think you are a little shy, as your Auntie Lottie really wanted to feel you over the Christmas break, and you didn't kick for a good 2 also do this to your Papa, I swear he thinks I make up the force of your kicks, as you go quiet when he rests in hands on my bump! However strong, I love these daily going on in my belly...I can feel your hiccups, and the way you are lying...I marvel at this, as I will never have this again with you, and it is so special.

We saw the midwife yesterday, and Papa got to hear your heartbeat for the first time...he looked amazed.
Sue our Midwife was pleased with your progress...totally normal and the perfect size for 28 weeks.
I however feel huge...that space by my ribs are beginning to be filled, which is stopping me bending very far...Papa might have to paint my toe nails soon!

Words cannot describe just how excited I am to meet you in 12 weeks...I have moments of being scared, then I remember that all the pain in the world will be worth having your eyes look into mine...seeking that acknowledgement that knowing that I am your Ma...

We are planning to giggle you out...happy smiles...and belly laughs all the way Little Pip
We cant wait to hold you close and be amazed by you.
All my love Always,

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