Thursday, 26 January 2012

Drawers of plenty

Last week I made a start on sorting out Pips room...It is still a mess and looks as if a bomb has gone off...However one afternoon, I wanted to be proactive so I collected all Pip's clothes and sorted them out.

The Bob barked at the hoover as I cleaned the drawers, then settled back down once 'The enemy' has gone away. I lined the drawers with some aged Laura Ashley wallpaper I got in a sale forever ago.

I then was amazed at how much stuff this little Pip has got! I think s/he will be set for the first 3 months of his/her life!! I love the rainbow of colours we have...not a hint of pink which makes me very happy!

Lots of Dutch I adore Continental baby outfits...they all seem to be unisex, bright and such fun.

Muslin's, cotton wool, teething rattles, strawberry hats, hand-knitted cardies and foxy jumpers.... could it get any better?

This little job made me smile...getting small things done is just fantastic and makes me feel like I am getting prepared...who cares that the bomb has gone off in the background :)

oh Pip you are going to look fantastic, and be super comfy in all your colourful outfits.

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lemonade kitty said...

Little Pip will be a "foxy" baby in that gorgeous jumper, Lucey x