Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Week 22

I took these photos last week. Pip is certainly visible now. 
Week 22 has been a week of hard work in our little flower shop, buying for Christmas orders and working out window displays. My Grandparents have moved into their gorgeous new apartment, the old house with its 4 bedrooms and years of clutter has been cleaned and sorted.
If I could of had a large Gin & Tonic I would of had 3!!

Tomorrow we are off to Holland for Sinterklaas...Pips first time...I hope S/he will love to be surrounded with the dutch chatter....We are very excited!
I am wondering if it will be different in a plane when you have a Pip in your belly? 
Will we have another surprise from Zwarte Piet?
Will it snow?
Will we be able to sit in a cafe in Amsterdam and watch the world go by?

I will be back with photos next week 


Kay said...

have a wonderful time my lovelies..xx

lemonade kitty said...

Hope you have a lovely time in Holland, I'm realy enjoying your ramblings to Pip it will be lovely to look back on, Lucey x

Mr & Mrs B said...

thank you ladies.
We had a great time, but its always lovely to come home...Pip developed the perfect back flip while in i have a sore belly now!! xxx