Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Pip The Pickle

Do you like Pip's new name?
Today we had our 20 week scan....we gave Pip a strong talking to beforehand, as last time s/he was wriggling around too much and the sonographer gave up with her about it here

This time Pip was snoozing on his/her belly happily nibbling his/her fingers. The sonographer measured Pip's leg bones which are growing nicely...still nice and long!! She also checked Pip's brain {amazing what these scans can show it is like a MRI scan straight through the head to see the different parts of Pips brain!!}, kidneys & intestine, spine, teeth, and lastly the is where the problem beings!! Pip was in the wrong position...we could see it beating away...but she needed to check it thoroughly....we got sent for a 30 minute walk and then back we went onto the couch!

 Boo!!! did I make you jump??
 S/he did as they turned out of the darkness....a little hand up by their mouth!!
Pip was then wriggling too much after our walk and she still couldn't be sure if everything was perfect...
So back we go in 2 weeks....I'm not very amused...those blooming sonographer probes are so painful when going over the same spot 30 times getting more forceful {read desperate} each time!!

{Maybe this is a better view of scary Pip!!}

So Pip the Pickle is staying true to form, being stubborn...but when your'e this little and cute a Mummy will forgive you anything....but hey let her see your heart next time please Pip...thank you!! 

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James said...

I love you 2 xx good luck guys and good luck pip