Friday, 11 November 2011


This is a photo of your Great Grandpa and Me. At a guess I would say it was around 1985.
He was a big man, who smoked Benson & Hedges Cigarettes, had a dry sense of humor, and false teeth.
He was a very imposing man...Me and Auntie Charlotte used to run around the house and he always said 
"I'm watching you two".... we used to be very careful! 

Only really when he died and I grew up a bit did I start to understand what an amazing man he was.
He flew in WWII, he rarely talked about it. He was Brave, strong and funny. Even though his name was Douglas, everyone called him 'Big Dave'.
His Flight hat, and some of his photos are in Tangmere Aviation Museum. 
I am proud of him.
When you are older Me & Auntie Elle will amuse you with his stories.

I hated what he saw in the hope is that you never see the horror of War... He would have wanted that too.

Douglas Cameron Davies
27th April 1918 
28th July 1990

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Kay said...

...and 'Big Dave' would have been incredibly proud of you and your sister and what you have both achieved ..xx