Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Letter to Pip ~ Part 3

Dear Pip the Pickle,

This photo is of your Daddy testing out your new baby sling...it is fantastic. We know you are going to be snug as a bug in a rug. We will walk with pride around town with you, bring you into the shop and maybe even make you work among the flowers for the day!!

Yesterday we went for another scan, as you were a pickle at the last one....She checked your heart. We watched it beating, saw all the chambers and the blood vessels...a weird thought that we have seen inside your beautiful heart. We saw you curled up in a ball looking fast asleep, your big round belly emerging through the screen...You are just the cutest!

You kicked me last night and daddy felt it again...those kicks are getting so strong Pip...it is the best feeling in the world right now...I love these shared moments we are all having as a family. 

We have found a cot for you, it is white with butterflies carved into the headboard...perfect for all stages of your growth. All I have to do is sort out your room...I have given myself until the end of January to do this. It's going to be fun creating a beautiful space for you...I wonder what you are going to like the most. Dolls, trucks, teddy bears, Lego, building blocks, books, your lucky elephant. 

Pip you bring us so much joy, making us smile daily, bringing us closer as a couple, looking forward to our future as parents. 
We talk all the time about what you are going to be like...will you have your Dads ears? My eyes?...will you been born with hair? Will you be tall like your Dad? What will make you smile and laugh?

We promise to protect, love and cherish you. To let you have your own freedom, grow in your own way, and share those moments with you. A little team...strong and happy.

What an amazing adventure for all of us!

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