Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Week 35 ~ Bumpiness!

This Girl is feeling good right now!!

We are loving being pregnant...our gorgeous bump is blossoming....and the wriggling Pip is keeping me pulling great faces...s/he is one strong bambino!!

The growth of my bump is amazing me, I can seen it has grown, but these photos confirm it..I wonder how much more it will grow in 5 weeks?

Life is great
I cant wait to meet this wriggling bump


lemonade kitty said...

Awww just think you'll be a mummy just after mother's day/, not too long to wait, Lucey x

Kay said...

you look 'blooming marvelous'!!!...xx

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

emma, you are so beautiful! oh, and i spy a most darling tin in the last pic, next to the "bump."
the joys of motherhood....i remember these moments of the womb like they were yesterday.

from one momma to another...
with love.


Mr & Mrs B said...

Oh Sweet Cottage Dreams it is my foot stool!! I bought it an age ago, and fell in love with it.
Funnily enough i saw the exact same foot stool in greens at a flea market the other day, it took all my might not to by it!!
Those 3 chaps are a little bit threadbare now...i hope your two are keeping well xxx