Tuesday, 7 February 2012

At Last!

At last Pip's room is complete! This Mama can now relax :)

It seems to have taken forever but we are so happy with the results. Me and The Wonderful Dutchman keep popping in to this lovely new room in our house...we walk past and say 'Hello Pips room'...sad I know but it makes us smile.

We only bought the bookcase new, everything else, we had, or is an ebay bargain. There are plenty of charity shop finds too, and my passion for finding wonderful books which are in great condition at car boot sales might have got slightly out of hand but who doesn't love a bedtime story!

 We have plenty of Dutch books too!

The world is yours to discover Little Pip.

Handmade curtains made by me on my 1950's trusty sewing machine...she is a gem and fantastic to use...I think she will be getting plenty of use once this one arrives.

Now all we need is a gorgeous baby to make it perfect.
7 weeks to go...time to pack the hospital bag I think!!

1 comment:

Kay said...

it is a truly lovely room...just one thing missing!!!! i can't believe its only 7 weeks left..xx