Saturday, 8 October 2011

Letter to Pip ~ Part 1

Dearest Pip,
I have decided to write you regular letter while you are camping out in my belly. I really don't want to miss a thing, in this wonderful experience you are giving me.

You are now 15 weeks old, the size of a beef steak tomato...that blows my mind started so tiny and already you have grown so much. I'm so proud of my body for looking after you, nurturing your life, creating what I know is going to be a fantastic, happy baby.

This week your Dad and I decided to take the left over honeymoon money that all our lovely family gave us for our wedding and spend it on a canvas bell tent. A honeymoon every year...perfect! 
They are so beautiful Pip. I can imagine us relaxing in some English countryside with you in my arms, while Dad builds a fire. Then he will open a beer and tickles your toes, and we will then amaze over how glorious you have made our life.

This week we have been battling over sleep....I wake and cant drop back off so we come downstairs, read, internet search, write blogs and upload photos....I then start to feel sleepy and either fall asleep on a little camp bed in the living room...or go and annoy your dad with our duvet wrestling... he snores and sleeps through most things....I wonder if he will wake for your cries? I hope he does!! ;)

Tonight I thought I felt you....while watching Nigel Slater on the TV. I felt a weird delicate tapping under my belly button, slightly to the caught me off guard....I don't know if I imagined it...but I think it was you. Next time please make it a big one so there is no doubt in my head...I cannot wait to feel you wiggling!

Keep growing big, strong, happy and healthy
We love you Pip

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