Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Hey Long Legs

Today I had a 16 week midwife appointment with the lovely Sue...she is just fantastic!
I brought along Pip's scan photos so she could have a look....the first thing she said was "hey look at those long legs! Pip has inherited his Dads Dutch height then...lucky Pip ;)

My blood pressure was 100 over 60, nice and low. She measured my bump which was 18cm which is also good and all on course.

She listened for the heartbeat...
......I now have an understanding about our little bundle, which is...s/he wriggles, moves, kicks, back flips and generally keeps all of the medical profession on their toes. Sue was amazed by Pips abilities to dodge the Doppler...After 10 minutes of side swapping she pinned the heartbeat down...s/he sounds totally calm and relaxed.

She thought we had a little boy on our hands...her words were "his heartbeat is slow like a steam train, and he  is acting very mannish!" ....we still are going to wait for the surprise....

Yay for Team Yellow!!

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