Friday, 26 August 2011

This Wonderful Man of mine...

I honestly don't think I could have married a more kind, happy, caring, protective, loving man.
He amazes me every day with his kind thoughts for me and our little pip. 
This week (week 9) I have been feeling really sick, and he has cooked, cleaned, taken the rubbish out just generally been a whirlwind of activity....while all I have done is found it hard to laze on the sofa without feeling really sorry for myself.

This handsome man loves me so much...I feel it everyday...the way he looks at me...he doesn't even need to tell me...I  KNOW....and I am so lucky.

This little growing Bambino is the most loved baby. S/he is so lucky to have a Daddy who loves them already...a little Pip showered with love & care, and strong hands to protect them.

That truly is the best feeling a girl can have while battling the dreaded sickness.

Thank you Mr B, you are simply Wonderful.

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