Friday, 5 August 2011

Baby inspiration

Yes I understand it is very early on in our pregnancy, but as a girl who loves to plan, I have been looking for some baby inspiration to help us decide how we are going to change our home into a baby heaven, while still keeping our style.

I really don't like modern prams, this is something we agree on. This all might change when we have a baby and the practicality hits us, but for now we love the vintage Silver cross prams. Doesnt it look so roomy and comfy??

We recently found a HUGE world map....I love the idea of putting this on our wall for the Pip to dream of all the adventures which are waiting for them.

We have a limited amount of space in our tiny home, so we will need a small cot.... vintage ones seem to have  a more compact size. And often come with cute animal decals!!

Week 6 

So excited
 I have more energy
eating fresh foods 
not enjoying sweet things as much
Planning your new adventures as a 3 not just a 2

still the dreaded restless legs
Trying to think of excuses not to be drinking
or eating my favorite cheese
peeing like a champ
insomnia, and early waking ;(

Through the negatives, we are so happy, thrilled and excited about meeting our little Pip, but first....grow, grow, grow!

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