Saturday, 24 September 2011

Our First Pip Purchase

My Grandma told me a story of how she wouldn't buy a pram for her first born until she held him in her arms. Two days after he (my uncle) was born she went down to the pram shop and brought a brand new silver cross for him, she went on to have 2 more children who were pushed, soothed, and enjoyed that pram.

I have coveted these pram for ages, and to be honest I don't have my Grandmas I spent rather a long time on Ebay until I found one that was the right pram for the right price.
It was a total bargain and I NEVER win anything on Ebay so we were very excited about our first purchase for our little Pip.

I know they are not practical, but hey, a happy, sleeping baby is worth the impracticality... we adore our vintage pram!!

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Ann Marie said...

this is fantastic! how cute!